Bea and Győzike Gáspár did not expect this reception after returning home from Asia Express

Bea Gáspár and Gyásike Gáspár competed in the Asia Express for weeks, but like their peers, they returned home, although they did not expect such a reception. Bea and Victor Gáspár they competed with others in the Asia Express, where indeed man-facing challenges were faced. Since then, however, they have returned home, sharing a video … Read more

Third stage of the Green Trophy, Sunday, in Bernay (R-5). GASPAR D’ANGIS, a successful first

For his official debut on grass, GASPAR D’ANGIS (photo) won the 3rd stage of the Green Trophy, yesterday, Sunday, at the Bernay racecourse. After progressing on a fourth line on the rope side and although delayed by a prank in the final curve, the resident of Jean Michel Baudouin ended up deep inside to come … Read more

Gáspár Laci to Péter Hajdú: You know how violent Gabi Tóth is

When they mentored the X-Factor together, it happened that Gabi Tóth’s opinion had some influence on her decision. The Closed in yesterday’s broadcast Gáspár Laci volt Péter Hajdú guest. The singer said in the broadcast that it is X-Factor as a mentor, he never made a decision that he would have regretted afterwards, but he … Read more

Shocked! Gaspar Flower lost 20 kilos, you can’t even know it – photo

Gáspár Győző’s younger daughter, 19 years old, has lost a total of twenty kilograms, and since then she can hardly be recognized. The flower is completely bloomed and in bomb form. She became a slender woman who was most motivated by her love to change her lifestyle. My brother was encouraged to transform, but most … Read more

His victory raged as Gáspár Bea tossed and kicked the presents

The pine tree didn’t even stand when Beaa Gáspár was tired and threw the presents out into the yard. Gáspár Győző wanted a really beautiful and perfect Christmas. The family is especially important to him, which is why he is confident that he can make the events unforgettable. Well, he did it in some ways, … Read more

Gáspár confessed everything to Győző’s new girlfriend

2021. dec 10. 6:43 A big twist between Gáspár Győző and his new girlfriend. The love seems to be over after Victor confesses that he has no money at all, he just pretended to be. What it is is actually Ms. Bea’s. His victorious new girlfriend feels utterly stunned because he has already imagined something, … Read more

ByeAlex says Adél’s dress was cute, Gáspár Laci muscular, Puskás Peti too handsome

The star called himself a troger, but again he really enjoyed the live show of the X-Factor, at the end of which Adél Csobot lost all his competitors. We also saw a few surprises on Saturday’s live show, certainly in terms of criticism. Laci Gáspár made particularly sharp criticismsbecause this is already the point of … Read more

Gáspár Győző is nostalgic with a family photo

Gáspár to Győző the show of love seems to have broken out: she shared a beautiful family photo with her two daughters under the Christmas tree. The former scandal hero also wrote a quote for the picture from the pen of Australian writer Pam Brown. “When you were a little little, I could make the … Read more