APRNEWS – Libya: Eni to invest $8 billion in gas

APRNEWS – “We have reached an agreement with the company Eni for the development of the oil and gas sector, targeting two offshore fields capable of producing 850 million cubic meters of gas” a day, Mr. Bengdara said in a television interview with the local channel al-Masar. Asked by AFP, ENI declined to comment. This … Read more

Invasion of metal thieves in Tryškii garages: from GAZ gearbox to coils of wire

During the break-in, an electric sharpener, an electric compressor, two GAZ51 gearboxes, ten coils of 25-meter segmented wire, 25 coils of stainless metal wire, a coil of 1.5 cm thick wire were stolen from the garages. The total property damage is being estimated and is still being estimated, representatives of the Telšiai County Chief Police … Read more

Cars of our presidents: What did Masaryk, Havel, Klaus, Zeman and others drive?

He is currently moving the Czech Republic 2nd round of direct presidential election. We will find out who will be the next head of state this Saturday, January 28. For now, let’s treat ourselves to a little history. It is no surprise that the Castle was and is mainly served by Czech cars. However, not … Read more

TotalEnergies triples its production targets

This is a fine example of the accelerated transition that is taking place in the world of energy. In October 2013, TotalEnergies stopped the commercial exploitation of its gas field in Lacq (Pyrénées-Atlantiques). Almost ten years later, he has just announced the commissioning of the largest biogas plant in France, located about ten kilometers away, … Read more

2022, the year France came close to a catastrophic lack of electricity

Par Julien Da Sois Posted on 12/30/2022 at 1:25 p.m., Update on 12/30/2022 at 4:41 p.m. Concerns have long been confined to a technical sphere and to the corridors of power. martin33/stock.adobe.com NARRATIVE – During this year under tension, the French discovered with surprise all the fragility of the hexagonal electrical system, with a risk … Read more

what explains the fall in gas and electricity prices in France

The end-of-year celebrations come with good news on the energy side: the prices of gas and electricity on the French wholesale market are down sharply. The price of electricity was almost halved in the month of December alone, reaching 288 euros per megawatt hour. Gas prices have also almost halved. Behind these unprecedented drops, bringing … Read more

A British economist criticizes the Polish gas initiative

EU energy ministers met in Brussels on Monday to agree on a cap on gas prices as an emergency measure amid the energy crisis triggered by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Finally, a decision was made to introduce a maximum gas price of EUR 180 per megawatt hour. For such a solution Poland was striving hardwhich, … Read more

The African Gas Rush

The Ukrainian conflict has forced European buyers to redirect their gas purchases, leading to renewed interest in African gas, which has become a major issue. In addition to the traditional suppliers Algeria and Libya, in North Africa, Egypt is becoming an increasingly important player. During the first four months of 2022, it thus exported 3.9 … Read more

The flow of gas from Germany to Poland has fallen to zero

As reported by Reuters, citing the German transmission operator Gascade, the drop was registered at 7:00 am in the Mallnow measurement point on the Polish-German border. One hour earlier, 1.305 million kWh had been delivered. The reasons for the suspension of the transfer are not known. At the same time, the transport of gas to … Read more

new exchange of prisoners of war between Moscow and kyiv

Russia and Ukraine have carried out a new exchange of prisoners of war, freeing 50 people each, according to kyiv and Moscow. Several Ukrainian cities remain largely without electricity and running water, in the wake of new massive strikes by Russia specifically targeting energy infrastructure. Find the thread of November 24. 11:48 p.m .: water … Read more