Gazmanov in support of Putin wanted to show terrible “Ukrainian fascists” but made fun of thousands of people

In his social media account, he posted a photo of allegedly capturing Ukrainian soldiers, but actually capturing members of a Salvadoran gang serving a sentence in a Central American prison. “We just have to keep in mind what the Russians are fighting now,” the commentary said. Shared photo © Screenshot The published photo did not … Read more

Gazmanov spoke about the wedding with Buzova

Rodion Gazmanov publicly announced his honeymoon trip. The inimitable Olga Buzova should act as the chosen one of the popular artist. On the social network, the son of Oleg Gazmanov wrote that they did not stop wooing him to a lonely and suffering from male attention TV personality. This is strange, because neither Buzova nor … Read more

stepmother Rodion Gazmanov was convicted of stupid advice

The wife of a famous singer tried to arrange the fate of her stepson. Stepmother suggested 40-year-old unmarried Rodion Gazmanov hit on Olga Buzova and did wrong. About whether Marina Gazmanova should try to arrange someone else’s personal life, said the psychologist Mikhail Zotov. According to the expert, in Eastern culture, parents still decide with … Read more

Practically does not eat: what happens to Gazmanov Jr.

The artist took this step of his own free will. The son of Oleg Gazmanov, Rodion, carefully monitors his health: the singer regularly plays sports, and the other day he decided to try therapeutic fasting. The artist “eats practically nothing.” Suddenly, the performer realized that the refusal to eat did not affect his desire to … Read more

The famous defender of it, Gazmanov, is going to run out of Russia? He was reportedly asked for Israeli citizenship and his representative responded

February 24 Russian troops invade UkraineO. Gazmanov praised Vladimiro Putino decision and held a concert in support of the Russian army. However, after not only many countries in the world but also famous brands imposed sanctions on Russia and the ruble depreciated to historic lows, the performer is said to have applied for Israeli citizenship. … Read more

than threatening the first wife of Gazmanov her “jokes” over her son

Yulia Baranovskaya, who lost her “rear” after a painful break with Andrei Arshavin, was credited with many novels. However, as it turned out, the male support of the TV presenter is already useless. Baranovskaya did not meet a real man, but raised herself. The star admitted that her grown-up eldest son Artem is now so … Read more