Gazmanov’s son made an honest statement about the famous father

This is now Rodion Gazmanov – an accomplished artist who made his way to the stage without the help of his parents, but at the end of the 90s, barely graduating from school, the young man had little idea how to continue to live. Oleg Gazmanov, as it turned out, did not want to help … Read more

where is Gazmanov’s wife who left Russia

“When a dream comes true, the world accepts itself and opens its arms. At first you feel a flurry of emotions up to tears of joy and goosebumps, and then there comes a time of quiet sadness. To understand again in the morning that you will return here again with your loved ones. A friend … Read more

Gazmanov’s precocious daughter killed the guests of the Tatler ball

16 November 2021 17:10 Like Marina Zudina’s daughter, Marianna chose a scarlet outfit. The beautiful daughter of Oleg Gazmanov, Marianna, became the queen of the Tatler ball last Monday, November 15. At a social event, Marianne appeared in the company of a star father and two equally famous brothers. It was almost impossible to recognize … Read more