The three major U.S. stock indexes closed down across the board, popular Chinese stocks generally fell

Securities Times News, on the 9th local time, the three major U.S. stock indexes fell across the board. As of the close, the Dow reported 33561.81 points, down 0.17%; the S&P 500 index reported 4119.17 points, down 0.46%; . Most of the large technology stocks fell, Nvidia fell 1.99%, Tesla fell 1.54%, Apple fell 1%, … Read more

Dutch IT Channel – Microsoft makes preview of Bing Chat generally available

Bing Chat has been available in a private preview for some time, for which the American tech company used a waiting list. The company is now scrapping this waiting list; the tool is available to all users who want to try out Bing Chat. Thirdparty-plugins In the short term, the company wants to add third-party … Read more

ESA reports problems: Jupiter spacecraft’s radar antenna is stuck

There are initial problems with ESA’s Jupiter mission: a radar antenna on the Juice space probe is stuck and cannot be extended as planned. This is currently hindering the research team and delaying further work. Let … As the European Space Agency ESA reported, the antenna of the Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer is stuck. A … Read more

“She is generally an ordinary hairdresser”: how Marina Yudashkina became the wife of a famous couturier

Natalia Romanova 2 days ago Valentin and Marina Yudashkin Not so long ago, a relative of the Yudashkins, opera singer Maria Maksakova, could not resist taunting the couple and Marina in particular. “She is generally an ordinary hairdresser who is incredibly lucky in life,” the artist said in one of the TV shows. What prompted … Read more

Venus, Uranus, Mars, Moon & ISS: Spectacular image in the evening sky

A look at the evening sky is particularly worthwhile today and in the coming evenings. Because against the backdrop of the constellation Taurus, a rarely seen collection of objects from our solar system presents itself. Let … Where the weather permits, the interested observer should direct their gaze towards the west around 8:30 p.m. today. … Read more

SpaceX is falling some of its new Starlink satellites out of the sky

SpaceX is struggling with faulty satellites. Experts had observed that the new “Starlink V2 Mini” models behaved unusually shortly after they were launched. Now the company confirms that some of the satellites will be deliberately destroyed by re-entry. Let … The Starlink V2 Minis don’t want to stay in orbit With the Starlink V2 Minis, … Read more

The night sky is in serious danger

The night sky as we know it is in great danger: at least that is the diagnosis of many astronomers, who sound the alarm in countless publications. The launch of satellite constellations urgently needs to be regulated so as not to destroy the night sky. Let … The astronomical scientific community is sounding the alarm … Read more

Battery failure confirmed: Latest transmission from NASA spacecraft

After 15 years in space, NASA’s AIM mission is ending. A battery failure makes further communication with the Explorer 90 spacecraft impossible. This had already been announced in 2019 – since then the failure had basically been expected. Let … It was only a matter of time before NASA’s AIM project spacecraft is unable to … Read more

Azure Firewall Basic is generally available

March 18, 2023 – After the preview period, Microsoft’s Azure Firewall Basic is now generally available. The SMB Firewall is billed per usage and supports a maximum throughput of 250 Gpbs. Last autumn, Microsoft presented a preview version of Azure Firewall Basic, a firewall tailored to the needs of SMEs (“Swiss IT Magazine” reported). As … Read more