The new generation of Fortnite Battle Royale is powered by Unreal Engine 5.1

He is already here Fortnite Battle Royale Chapter 4! With the launch of the new chapter, Fortnite Battle Royale starts to use the most innovative features of Unreal Engine 5 thanks to Unreal Engine 5.1. Unreal Engine 5 represents a generational leap in visual fidelity, introducing an unprecedented level of detail to game worlds, such … Read more

Volkswagen unveiled the next generation of the ID.3, its electric car

Volkswagen was one of the car manufacturers that clearly took over the electric market and the Volkswagen ID.3 is proof of that. Its proposals have been circulating for some time and reveal that it was the right choice at the right time for what customers were looking for. Now that it is consolidated in this … Read more

Nintendo Shigeru Miyamoto mentioned the next generation of Nintendo game consoles for the first time, and hinted that backward compatibility will be improved |

While Nintendo has never said it is working on a next-generation console, Shigeru Miyamoto hinted at improved backwards compatibility when asked about his plans for a next-generation console recently. In the question-and-answer session following the release of the latest financial report, participants asked several Nintendo executives whether the company considered backward compatibility when developing new … Read more

The sedentary generation – increasingly poor fitness among young people: “Ominous”

Local journalism when and where you want 8 weeks for SEK 8 With plus, you get access to all articles on the site and in our news app for SEK 8 for the first 8 weeks. Then words. price SEK 129/month without commitment period. E-magazine not included. You also get access to digital news from … Read more

Sunday Oliseh, expert for FIFA, on Belgium: “I prefer to say that it is a talented generation”

The appointment is made at the Intercontinental Doha Beach Resort and Spa. It is in this hotel that part of the technical delegation of FIFA has settled, in particular the six experts chosen by the international federation. Their work… This article is for subscribers only Take advantage of our current offer and access to all … Read more

Volkswagen has begun accepting orders for a new generation of electric car ID.3 with a waiting period of one year

In July 2020, the German automotive concern Volkswagen launched the ID.3 electric car in some markets, which became the most compact in the family built on the MEB platform. By the fourth quarter of last year, the model reached the Chinese market, but now it’s time for a planned update, and the manufacturer announced the … Read more

We will soon be flying electric planes: two companies have joined forces to develop a new generation of batteries

The popularity of electric cars is growing, but the entire transport market does not stop there. Some companies are already using electric tractors, and there is also talk of battery-powered airplanes. On Wednesday, Renault announced a new partnership with aircraft manufacturer Airbus aimed at new research and development for energy storage in vehicles and aircraft. … Read more

British test drive to the best Honda Civic Type R even after generation change Matured ability Part 2 – AUTOCAR JAPAN

There is also an individual mode for individual settings. newHonda・civicInside the Type R, you’ll find comfortable seats that support your body, exposed metal pedals, and the trademark machined aluminum shift knob. The steering wheel draws a beautiful circle and is wrapped in Alcantara. In the center of the dashboard is a touch monitor for infotainment. … Read more

The Football Association joins hands with Buriram United to create a new generation of “Chang Suek”, aiming for 3 years to be in the top 10 in Asia.

The Football Association joins hands with Buriram United to create a new generation of “War Elephants”, aiming for 3 years to be in the top 10 Asia, with “Milos Velebit”, a Serbian coach. is the head coach On December 2, 2022 at 10:00 a.m. in the meeting room on the 1st floor of the Football … Read more

Right before the 3rd tour! Liella! 2nd Generation Photo & Interview ④ Natsumi Onitsuka, Aya Emori

Anxiety as a motivation to work hard ――How did you feel before the start of the second season of the TV anime?EmoriLiella! was already a group with a high level of perfection, so I wondered if it would really be okay for me to join this group. It was the biggest. We talked about that … Read more