The carmaker will lose trillions of crowns due to the lack of chips. Unfinished cars stand out, used cars become more expensive – ČT24 – Czech Television

The parking lot at Chrast near Chrudim fills one car after another – and there is not much space left. Cars have been coming here for almost a month, there are up to seven trucks a day. On Friday, there are around a thousand cars and the area for others is already being prepared. Skoda … Read more

The 2022 edition of the Geneva Motor Show has also been canceled

This Salone doesn’t have to be done. There is little to joke about, there is a veil of bitterness and sadness on the discovery that 2022 will be the third consecutive edition of the Geneva Motor Show that will be canceled, it is incredible. Yet until the end of August / early September it seemed … Read more

Geneva Motor Show 2022: cancellation | CAR ENGINE AND SPORT

After two cancellations, the auto show in Switzerland should take place again in 2022. Now, however, the cancellation for 2022 comes as a surprise. After cancellations due to Corona in 2020 and 2021, the Geneva International Motor Show (GIMS) should take place again from February 19 to 27, 2022 at Lac Léman in Geneva. So … Read more

duel at the bottom of the sea

SAGA – Astonishing coincidence: two extremely rare models of the crown brand will soon be auctioned off, at Phillips and Christie’s. But only one of the two has really touched the depths. To say that the Rolex Deep Sea Special marked the history of the manufacture with the crown, and of watchmaking in general, would … Read more

Geneva / Vaud – Valdo-Geneva offensive for access to the shores of the lake

Dry feet around Lake Geneva? An impossible dream. “On La Côte, between Mies and Tolochenaz, the situation is catastrophic,” exclaimed Jérôme Christen, a free Vaudois deputy yesterday. In Geneva, 60% of the banks are closed. In the canton of Vaud, the proportion is 40%. However, it is not the laws, federal or cantonal, that are … Read more

Geneva – Surprise: the basic theory on the Milky Way is contradicted

PostedSeptember 9, 2021, 10:54 A team from Unige discovered that the composition of our Galaxy was not homogeneous, contrary to what we thought. This calls into question the evolutionary models of galaxies. Artist’s impression: Clouds and currents of pristine cosmic gas (magenta) are accreting over the Milky Way, but this gas does not mix efficiently … Read more

Geneva is cautiously relaunching its auto show in 2022

After two cancellations in 2020 and 2021, the Geneva motor show will return cautiously in 2022 with a reduced edition, its managing director Sandro Mesquita told AFP on Thursday. This major meeting of the sector, which usually brings together more than 600,000 people, should welcome half of them in 2022, according to Mr. Mesquita, who … Read more