Business aviation: In Geneva, private jets with sometimes very short flights

– In Geneva, private jets with sometimes very short flights Dozens of trips made by Swiss planes to or from Cointrin during the year 2022 lasted less than an hour. “Very minority” but necessary journeys, according to the companies. Published: 23.09.2022, 06:31Updated: 23.09.2022, 08:53 A private jet on the tarmac and in front of Mont-Blanc. … Read more

Geneva. The night is beautiful! puts the spotlight on energy sobriety.

The third edition of “La nuit est belle!”, an action that consists of symbolically turning off the lights in Greater Geneva for one night, will this year have energy sobriety as its red thread. In total, 181 municipalities out of the 209 in the region have indicated that they will not turn on their public … Read more

Geneva wants to give a financial boost to farmers

Against the background of exploding energy prices, the Swiss Socialist Party presents a plan for the total restructuring of the electricity market. “He needs more public service and less speculation,” says parliamentary group leader Roger Nordmann. “We are faced with a total failure of the current pseudo-liberal market organization”, declared Sunday the elected socialist in … Read more

Urwerk – The hottest color – Geneva Watch Days

Surprise quiz! What color indicates high temperatures? If you’re like me, you’ll answer “red” (also because my answer to almost everything about color is “red”). If you’re scientifically minded, you’ll have chosen blue, because you know that the hottest stars in the universe emit blue light, blue flames burn hotter than red ones, and a … Read more

You won’t have to go to Geneva to discover the new electrics of 2023

The Geneva Motor Show was finally due to return in 2023. But the organizers are still throwing in the towel. However, many electrified novelties were expected there. The next edition of the Geneva Motor Show will be “exclusively” held in Qatar. A Gorafi title? No, the organizers of the Swiss show made this announcement by … Read more

Geneva sky – A supermoon invites itself to the night of shooting stars

– A supermoon invites itself to the night of shooting stars Both phenomena will be visible at the same time. If you know how to choose the right place and avoid public lighting. Published: 12.08.2022, 06:47 A starry sky in Tannay (VD), September 8, 2007. Thanks to the technique, it looks like shooting stars in … Read more

WHO Has Not Suggested Mass Vaccination Of Monkeypox, But Urges All Countries To Share Effectiveness Data

GENEVA, – The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends targeted vaccination when cases of monkeypox reach more than 18,000 in 78 countries. This targeting means the monkeypox vaccine is only recommended for those exposed to someone who is infected and those at high risk of exposure, including health workers, laboratory workers, and people with multiple … Read more