Once again, top suspect in Rwanda genocide has been dead for years

Once again, an important fugitive suspect of the 1994 genocide in Rwanda has been dead for years. Army commander Phénéas Munyarugarama died of natural causes in early 2002 in the Democratic Republic of Congo. This was announced by a special tribunal in The Hague. He was charged with genocide and crimes against humanity. Last week, … Read more

Ukrainians discovered over 800 graves of people murdered by Russians

The people of Kherson were also warned in Russian leaflets not to think that the Russian operation would be “quick and painless” – reports Ukrainian intelligence. “This statement becomes particularly relevant considering that, according to satellite images from Planet Lab, at least 824 new graves appeared in the Kherson city cemetery during the occupation,” Ukrainian … Read more

Levits: what is happening in Ukraine is showing signs of genocide

Russia’s aggression in Ukraine has signs of genocide, but it can be legally ruled out, President Egils Levits told reporters today after returning from an extraordinary visit to Ukraine. “From a legal point of view, it could be found by one of the international courts, but seeing with my own eyes what has happened to … Read more

The Foreign Affairs Committee of the Saeima adopts a statement that Russia is committing genocide against the Ukrainian people; “Harmony” tries to prevent the word from being mentioned

“Attacks on civilian objects – hospitals, schools, kindergartens – and also the rape of women and children make it clear that what is happening in Ukraine today is, in essence, a genocide by the Russian people against the Ukrainian people,” said Foreign Ministry Parliamentary Secretary Zanda Kalniņa-Lukaševica (JV). Genocide, or the mass extermination of a … Read more

War in Ukraine: can we speak of genocide? | TV5MONDE

The images that the world saw of the bodies of Ukrainian civilians in Bucha sparked outrage. But can we speak of genocide as Ukrainian President Zelensky asserts? For Alain Werner, founder of the Civitas Maxima association, we must be careful, but there is no doubt that “War crimes have been committed.” More “for there to … Read more

Thirty years since the siege of Saarajevo :: Blog on Today

Share SARAJEVO- “The Balkans are like the Bermuda Triangle: when you are in it you get lost”. Thirty years represent the age of a generation and Sarajevo, the symbolic city of the whole peninsula, learned to do math a long time ago. A war tore it to shreds for one thousand four hundred twenty-five days … Read more

European countries expel dozens of Putin diplomats, Union plans stop for Russian coal – ČT24 – Czech Television

According to the STA agency, the Slovenian Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday that it had ordered Russia to reduce the number of embassy staff in Ljubljana to the level of the Slovenian mission in Moscow, which now numbers eight people. It also expressed “the strongest possible protest” in connection with the massacre of Ukrainian civilians … Read more

Zelensky accuses Russia of committing ‘genocide’ in Ukraine

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Sunday accused Russia of committing “genocide” in Ukraine to wipe out “the whole nation”, the day after numerous bodies were found in the streets of a town near Kyiv after Russian forces left . • Read also: LIVE | 39th day of war in Ukraine • Read also: 57 bodies … Read more