Women’s Rights Without Borders requires the Winter Olympics to be relocated, otherwise they will make every effort to resist | Genocide | Olympic Committee

[New Tang Dynasty News from April 14, 2021, Beijing time]Recently, an international human rights organization headquartered in the United States “Feminism Without Borders“(Women’s Rights Without Frontiers) is urging internationalOlympic CommitteeWill be 2022Winter OlympicsMove out of Beijing, otherwise we will do our bestresistBeijing’s”GenocideGames” (Genocide Games). “Feminism Without Borders“Has sent to the U.S.Olympic Committee(US Olympic Committee, USOC) … Read more

Rwanda, the wounds of genocide and the cure for football: this is how football has erased inter-ethnic hatred

“The Tutsi tombs they are still empty. What are you waiting for to fill them? “. It is after hearing such an appeal, spread over the croaking frequencies of Radio Mille Collines, which a commando of Interahamwe – the Hutu death squads – suddenly bursts into the house of Eric Eugène Murangwa, goalkeeper of the … Read more

Like genocide. Brazil dies from coronavirus

The most alarming epidemiological situation in the world is now observed in Brazil, where over 4 thousand people have died from coronavirus in the last 24 hours. Brazil is suffering from the coronavirus like no other country in the world. An uncontrolled outbreak of COVID-19 is blazing in the country and up to 4 thousand … Read more

Macron had the archives declassified regarding the Rwandan genocide – ČT24 – Czech Television

“Instead of fundamentally supporting democratization and peace in Rwanda, the French authorities have supported the ethnic division and radicalization of Rwanda’s government,” said Vincent Duclert, historian and project manager at Rwanda Report. He described the European country’s approach to the Rwandan genocide as a “monumental failure”. President Macron had previously commissioned an expert from the … Read more

“Despite the fear”, the Rwanda genocide told by a 10-year-old Tutsi child

History – Anyone who is at least forty today cannot fail to remember the words hutu e tutsi and of the blood that was shed in their name. The origins of the conflict are very complex but the trigger was the shooting down of the plane of the then president Juvénal Habyarimana in Kigali. Habyarimana … Read more

The United States accused China of genocide of Uyghurs

For the first time, Joe Biden’s US administration has officially accused China of committing “genocide” against the Uyghur ethnic minority in the Xinjiang region. The charges are included in the last relationship on human rights drafted by the US Department of State, the equivalent of the foreign ministry, and published on March 30. In recent … Read more

Rejecting “Bullied” by Western Countries About Xinjiang Uighurs, Here’s China’s Strong Reaction. Page all

LONDON, KOMPAS.com – China sanctioned several British politicians and organizations on Friday (26/3/202) The decision was made in reaction to Britain joining the European Union and other countries to sanction Chinese officials. Allied Western countries have accused Beijing of human rights (human rights) violations in Xinjiang province. Britain responded by accusing China of violating human … Read more

Corona disaster in Brazil: – – The largest genocide in our history

Brazil now accounts for a quarter of the world’s daily corona deaths, far more than any other country. On Wednesday, the country crossed the grim border of 300,000 corona deaths, and on Saturday, more than 310,000 deaths were registered in the country in total. On Friday, Brazil also registered the highest death toll so far … Read more

The landmark report of the history commission? France has “serious and overwhelming responsibility” for the genocide in Rwanda!

France bears “serious and overwhelming responsibility” for the 1994 Tutsi genocide in Rwanda and was “blind” to preparations for the massacre, read the conclusions of President Emmanuel Macron’s historical commission report published on Friday. France’s Responsibility for the 1994 Genocide! The report given to Macron points out that the policy towards Rwanda pursued in 1990-94 … Read more

France appears to be responsible, but not complicit in the genocide of Rwanda | NOW

France was largely responsible for the genocide in Rwanda, but not complicit in the genocide in the country, a committee of historians concluded in a report released Friday. The Rwandan genocide in 1994 killed more than 800,000 people in just a few months. Investigators note that France had a “serious and overwhelming” responsibility, noting the … Read more