Handball: Vincent Gérard “Public enemy n ° 1” on the networks, the goalkeeper of the Blues victim of a surge of hatred

Since the final of the Handball World Cup this Sunday, January 29, and the defeat of France against Denmark (29-34), the goalkeeper of the Blues Vincent Gérard has been the target of many messages of hatred and mockery on social networks. Sunday, January 29, the France faced the Denmark to try to win a seventh … Read more

Gerard Piqué BETRAYS Clara Chía Martí; she would have BEGED Shakira to return home

In the last days, Shakira has become one of the most searched topics of conversation on the Internet, be it for ‘BZRP Music Sessions 53’ or the vendettas that have been exacted against the family of Gerard Piqué and also to Clara Chia Marti. After the release of the song, the repercussions have been various … Read more

Gerard Piqué and Shakira live a special moment on their son Sasha’s birthday

They have been days of indirect and direct between Gerard Piqué y Shakira. But it seems that the ex-partner has called a truce to celebrate a very important moment for both of them: their son’s birthday Sasha. The little boy was 8 years old this Sunday and was attended by his parents, grandparents and closest … Read more

Gerard Piqu is booed at the ESLAND awards

The exfutbolista of the Barcelona, Gerard Piqu, who continues in the eye of the hurricane, received boos by those attending the 2023 Esland Awards gala held in Mexico. We recommend: the best sports VIDEOS of today While the video is playing “Chatting Quietly” for which Ibai Llanos was nominated in which Piqu appears, the public … Read more

They release ‘D Clara’, a SONG to defend Gerard Piqué from ‘BZRP Music Sessions 53’ and HUMILIATE Shakira

Controversies regarding the last topic of Shakira together with Bizarrap they do not end up being present, since a topic has recently been released returning the little ball of hints to the Colombian one. In Youtube, throw a song titled ‘D Clara’in which the letter is intended to defender a Gerard Piqué of BZRP Music … Read more

The PLAN of Clara Chía Martí and Gerard Piqué to OUTSIDE Shakira’s birthday party

Although recently it has been said that Clara Chia Marti He is not in a very good mood due to the bombs he dropped Shakira At Bizarrap Music Sessions 53, the media have indicated that the former soccer player’s girlfriend plans to celebrate her 24th birthday in a few days. It is for this reason … Read more

Gerard Piqué fans create a song against Shakira: “A more chopped cat”

The imagination is free. This has been shown by some fans of Gerard Piqué who have surprised with a song against Shakira. These fans of the footballer, better known as rappers Sansixto ft Dife MMP & Willy Dhave emulated the famous video of the artist’s session #53 and have harshly criticized her lyrics. The video … Read more

Son of Shakira and Gerard Piqué HATES Clara Chía Martí; These are the PROOFS that she can’t stand it

Los children of Shakira y Gerard Piqué They are also in the eye of the hurricane in the midst of the controversy caused by the separation of celebrities, but one of them has been the one that has attracted the most attention, in the case of Sashasince it is presumed that odia a Clara Chia … Read more

New details of the private life of Gerard Piqué’s current partner, Clara Chía, are known

Clara Chía is the name of a young Spanish woman who has been in the crosshairs of the international press, after it became known that she is in a sentimental relationship with former Barcelona FC defender Gerard Piqué. It is worth mentioning that it is speculated that this was the lover of the ex-soccer player, … Read more

METAMORPHOSES: EXHIBITION OF THE ARTIST GERARD RANCINAN From 19 January to 25 February 2023 – Morocco Local and World News | Moroccan Jewish News, latest news | Canopy Cottage Cheese, Cottage Chemistry | Morocco News

2023 will be the year of the celebration of the 10 years of So Art Gallery. A year during which Ghizlaine Guessous, director of the gallery, announced the organization of several major exhibitions, but also the launch of the “So Art Talk”. The 1st event that consecrates the gallery’s decade is the “Metamorphoses” exhibition, which … Read more