“The biggest insult!” Harry and Meghan are furious at Charles’ gesture

The recent visit of Prince Harry and his wife Meghan to the UK was not very successful. The couple was not enthusiastically welcomed by the fans or the royal family itself. In addition, other details of the visit, from which the couple left disappointed, have recently surfaced. They were especially offended by one gesture of … Read more

In a good gesture, Shikabala calls on the fans of Zamalek to support Youssef Osama Nabih, “video”

The star, Mahmoud Abdel Razek, “Shikabala”, captain of Zamalek club, was keen to celebrate with his team’s fans after the victory over the National Bank team, this evening, Wednesday, in the Egyptian Premier League. Tunisian star Seif El-Din Jaziri led Zamalek to an exciting victory over his counterpart Al-Ahly Bank, 2-1, in the match that … Read more

Provider inspires entrepreneur from China with a singular gesture

The inspiring video of a supplier sent from China to an entrepreneur is already circulating on different social networks. More and more entrepreneurs decide to share their projects seeking to take advantage of the momentum of social networks. The TikTok platform is one of the favorites of small entrepreneurs, since they usually use the short … Read more

A bus driver makes the buzz for his magnificent gesture in Verviers: “We applauded him”

Published on Tuesday, June 21, 2022 at 05:55 Par Yves Bastin Poverty is on the rise and more and more people are driven to look for food where they can. Until going to search the garbage cans. That was what was happening that Saturday night, when the 706 bus approached the Vieuxtemps stop. At the … Read more

“Shocked”: Aya Nakamura reacts to the somewhat crazy gesture of a fan

Some people are ready for anything when they are in awe of a star… A fan of Aya Nakamura proved it again recently on social networks. This Friday, June 17, the admirer in question has indeed revealed her somewhat crazy gesture in a video on Twitter: she has had the stage name of her idol … Read more

A humanitarian gesture from the Algerian national team players in honor of the spirit of their colleague Bilal Ben Hamouda (video) – Watan

Watan – generosity of players Algeria national teambefore the start of the friendly match against their counterpart Iran, to the soul of their colleague Bilal bin Hamouda who died several days ago in a terrible traffic accident, accompanied by his friend while they were returning home. And raise the player Far Riad After scoring the … Read more

“Free the breasts”: “It’s not a sexual gesture”

Following the arrest of a young woman who was sunbathing topless in Quebec City, a demonstration is being organized in Montreal on June 19. • Read also: “Free the breasts”: “A problem of the rich” • Read also: “What gains are expected for all women after ‘Free the Breasts’?” • Read also: “Free the breasts”: … Read more

Luciano Castro had a great gesture with Sabrina Rojas when he introduced Tucu López to his children

Sabrina Rojas told during his visit to intruders the great gesture he had Luciano Castro when he decided to introduce the tucu lopez to their children in common, Esperanza y Fausto. “The first time Tucu came home I told Luciano, I told him ‘look, he’s coming to meet the kids’who was a friend to them”, … Read more