Shooting in clandestine palenque leaves one dead in Iztapalapa

The Capital Prosecutor’s Office investigates a shooting recorded early Sunday morning in a clandestine palenque of the Iztapalapa City Hall, which left one dead and at least four wounded and six arrested. According to him police report, the events were recorded around 3:00 a.m., in a property located on the Benito Juarez street eJarabe corner, … Read more

Victims of L12 will accept reparation of the damage

A group of 20 families of victims of the Metro Line 12 will agree to adhere to the reparation of the damage requested by the 10 former officials accused in the file for the collapse of the raised section on May 3, as part of the dispute resolution mechanism to avoid a trial, said attorney … Read more

They track a thousand million pesos deviated in the Mancera government

The Local Attorney General’s Office (FGJ), as part of the investigation to impute the crime of illicit enrichment and embezzled 23 officials of the past administration, traces more than one billion pesos that were allegedly embezzled from the Government of Mexico City during the administration of the current senator Miguel Angel Mancera, all according to … Read more