Gian Marco speaks for the first time about his relationship with Juliana Molina | VIDEO | NMRI EMCC | SHOWS

Peruvian singer and songwriter Gian Marco Zignago, 51, has spoken for the first time about his love affair with Colombian actress and singer Juliana Molina, who is 20 years younger than him. It should be remembered that the interpreter of ‘I forgot’ separated from Claudia Moro, mother of his children, before the COVID-19 pandemic began. … Read more

Gian Marco Zignago sentimental relationship Claudia Moro: “We have a family and that is love” entertainment | SHOWS

Gian Marco Zignagothen giving details of the concert that he will offer on July 16, for his 30 years, at the National Stadium, he spoke with Trome about his sentimental situation and said that if it was of any use to couples who go through difficult situations, it is that they feel to talk for … Read more

Gian Marco after being questioned about their separation: “I realized who my friends are” | Claudia Moro | América TV | Shows

Gian Marco He lashed out at those who dared to comment on his notorious separation from Claudia Moro. After several months since announced in the middle of an interview for a podcast that he no longer maintains a romantic relationship with the mother of his children, the singer-songwriter revealed that he was surprised by how … Read more

Gian Marco says goodbye to Piura after his concert was postponed: “With much pain I’m leaving” nndc | SHOWS

Updated on 12/11/2021 09:19 am The Peruvian singer, Gian Marco Zignago He said goodbye to his fans in Piura, where he traveled to perform a concert, because the LIVEntertainment production company that organized the event did not get the permits on time and the show had to be postponed. On Friday, November 10, the expected … Read more

Gian Marco cried in the middle of a concert due to a rain of criticism: “They talk about me, but time heals everything” Instarándula farándula | SHOWS

CRIES BEFORE HIS FANS. In full concert, Gian Marco Zignago He could not resist and his audience was broken before all because of the criticism it has been receiving at this time. The national singer-songwriter burst into tears and assured that all this time it has not been easy, because as is known he separated … Read more

Gian Marco: Psychologist Lizbeth Cueva on separation from his wife Claudia Moro: “He has met another side”, América Hoy, video

Oh how strong! GianMarco Zignago surprised everyone by announce his separation from his wife Claudia Moro after 25 years together, And because of that, psychologist Lizbeth Cueva he opined on this breakup. In the latest edition of America Today, this Wednesday, October 20, the specialist arrived on set to comment on what happened between the … Read more