Gian Marco on Love and Fire: “They made fun of my marriage” | VIDEOS | show business | SHOWS

Only part of the long-awaited interview with Gian Marco Zignago in Amor y Fuego was broadcast on Monday and in it the well-known singer-songwriter could be heard attacking the entertainment program, considering “that they made fun of his family.” YOU WILL BE INTERESTED IN: FAMILY OF JOHN KELVIN VERIFY THAT DALIA DURÁN DID REQUEST FOOD … Read more

Gian Marco Zignago is clear about young musicians: “If I don’t like your music, I don’t have to support you” VIDEO Show business | SHOWS

SPEAK CLEARLY! Gian Marco continues to be the center of controversy, this time, during a presentation in the north, the singer stated that he is not obliged to support young Peruvian musicians. READ ALSO: ‘Maricucha’ apologizes to an AyF reporter: “I felt overwhelmed, but my response was not up to par” “No one has the … Read more

Gian Marco is accused by a fan of humiliating her VIDEO he looked at us with a scornful face he said about celebrity singer | SHOWS

Gian Marco Zygnago He surprised his fans after he furiously answered a journalist from ‘love and fire‘ approached him. The singer, after humiliating the worker, announced his concert for 30 years in Lima, but social networks criticized him, just as a fan comments on the bad experience he had. MORE INFORMATION: Gerard Piqué reaches an … Read more

Antonio Conte’s tears after the death of Gian Piero Ventrone

This is tragic news that has hit Tottenham. Gian Piero Ventrone, their physical trainer, died on Thursday. Spurs travel to Brighton this Saturday and a minute’s applause was called before kick-off. Logically, Antonio Conte could not hold back his tears. The technician knows Ventrone since their joint passage at Juventus when they were players.

‘Billion dollar luxury watch’ I can buy ‘Roll XX’ for Simon D and Gian 84… [MD리뷰]

[마이데일리 = 이승록 기자] Cartoonist Gian 84 (real name Kim Hee-min, 37) and singer Simon D (real name Jung Ki-seok, active name Simon Dominic, 38), a best friend of the same age who were born in 1984, talked about being drunk. Recently, on Kian84’s YouTube channel ‘Life 84’, a drunk interview video with Simon D … Read more

Latin Grammy 2022: Nicole Zignago, daughter of Gian Marco, is nominated for best new artist at the Latin Grammy Awards | peruvian singer | entertainment

Singer Nicole Zignago, Gian Marco’s daughterhas been nominated in the list of Premios Latin Grammy 2022, in the category for best new artist. With this recognition, the young 26-year-old composer marks a new beginning in her musical career, the same one that she began to develop since her arrival in Mexico. Who is Nicole Zignago … Read more

Gian Marco Zignago explodes in Arequipa concert due to sound failures VIDEO and throws his charango Instarándula: “He didn’t apologize” reveal celebrity | SHOWS

¡ASU! Gian Marco Zignago gave a concert last Saturday, August 27, at the Jardín de la Cerveza, in Arequipa, together with Juanes. After the success of the event, the portal of instarandula He broadcast a video that would be about this date, where the Peruvian gets upset and throws his charango because of the audio … Read more

Furious Gian Marco throws away his charango due to sound failures in concert

Event took place in Arequipa. Video exposed moment. the peruvian singer Gian Marco He showed his most angry version in front of thousands of fans during a concert in Arequipa. A recording accounted for this episode. The trajectory of the national artist is on the ledge after a sound failure during a presentation aroused his … Read more

Gian 84 drank 3 bottles of soju and got into an accident.. Si-eon Lee “It was almost the last episode”

[OSEN=장우영 기자] Webtoon writer Gian84 almost ruined Sieon Lee’s YouTube channel after drinking 3 bottles of soju. On the 14th, Si-eon Lee posted on his personal Instagram, “Gian-ah~ Did you enjoy going out with hyung after a long time? But Kian-ah… Thanks to you, it almost became the last episode.” In the video, Sieon Lee … Read more

Gian 84, webtoon drawn soju released… Park Na-rae “This is for Chuseok”

Soju with Gian84 webtoon printed on it. photo| Gian 84 SNS Webtoon writer Gian84 (real name Kim Hee-min) has released a soju collaboration with a mainstream company. Gian84 posted a photo on his Instagram on the 3rd with the words “I’ve been drinking. Let’s drink a lot”. In the photo, you can see a bottle … Read more