“We stood in a field much closer to what we need”

This day, the president Sebastián Piñera he insisted in the call to to reach an economic agreement national to give answer to the problems of lack of income of the families affected by the pandemic, the protection of employment and the reactivation of the economy. This time, the looming deadline for reaching a consensus is … Read more

“We lacked being a little harder”

Deputy Giorgio Jackson (RD) referred this Wednesday to the project called “damn debt“, To the policies promoted by the government and to the role of the opposition in Congress when legislating these initiatives. “We are dealing with this initiative, which is transversal, with deputies who are from the ruling party and the opposition, from put … Read more

Deputies Boric and Jackson register their worst approval since April 2018 in Cadem survey

RELATED VIDEO – President Piñera National Network (22:42) The survey Cadem Public Square, carried out during the second week of May, collects the position of the citizenry on various issues discussed in the country, especially those related to the current coronavirus health emergency. The study revealed that the 94% of those consulted agree with the … Read more

Giorgio Jackson assumes on the board of the Progressive International, a network that seeks to “stop the advance of authoritarianism”

RELATED VIDEO – Interview with Giorgio Jackson on the Employment Protection Law (10:42) This Monday it was launched Progressive International, a “network of intellectuals, activists and politicians from different parts of the world that seeks to slow the advance of authoritarianism”, chaired by the movement DiEM25 and The Sanders Institute, an organization formed by Jane … Read more

Chile Vamos will take deputy Giorgio Jackson to the Ethics Commission

A group of deputies from Chile Vamos will turn to the Ethics Commission of the Lower House to ask that Giorgio Jackson be sanctioned for “breach of good faith”, in the context of the controversy over donations to the Democratic Revolution. In the document, released by T13, parliamentarians accuse Jackson of “making the population believe … Read more

Giorgio Jackson rules out illegality in donation of part of the salary and accuses misrepresentation

RELATED VIDEO – Interview with Giorgio Jackson on the Employment Protection Law (10:42) Giorgio Jackson (RD) responded to the accusation made by Renato Garín (INDP. Ex RD), who through Twitter accused the Democratic Revolution caucus of lying. “They repeat that they ‘donate half’ of their salary. That’s not true. The money goes to a bank … Read more