Belinda replied a message of admiration to Cazzu, Christian Nodal’s girlfriend

Christian Nodal y Belinda They began their relationship in May 2020 and after two years of relationship they got engaged, but the unexpected twist was their breakup in 2022. The end of the romance was full of controversy between the two artists, which apparently did not end on good terms. After the end, the interpreter … Read more

Belinda talks about Cazzu, the current girlfriend of her ex Christian Nodal

Belinda talks about Cazzu, the current girlfriend of her ex Christian Nodal | People in spanish Skip to content Top Navigation Close this dialog window Discover People in Spanish Close this dialog window Share & More Close this dialog window View image Belinda speaks for the first time about Cazzu, the current girlfriend of her … Read more

Côme (I): He freaks out to “spare” his drunk girlfriend. In vain

Come (I) He freaks out to “spare” his drunk girlfriend. In vain A 30-year-old Swiss violently attacked Italian police officers who were controlling a Swiss vehicle on the shores of Lake Como (I). He was trying to save his girlfriend from losing her license. Missed. Posted27 mars 2023, 12:50 Police control in the Como region … Read more

Neymar took away my girlfriend Maluma spoke controversial breakup Natalia BarulichHalf time

Neymar and Maluma used to show that they were good friends until a couple of years ago. However, all that changed because the Brazilian soccer player was accused of having been the third in contention between the Colombian singer and his partner Natalia Barulich. On social networks, Neymar and the model constantly uploaded photos, which … Read more

Intentions between work lovers, a man in Surabaya witnesses his girlfriend drowning in front of his eyes, Surabaya – Iqbal Widyantoro (24) did not expect that the moment of taking his lover to work on Saturday 25 March 2023 would turn into a disaster. The mining boat they were on suddenly sank into the Brantas River in the Jalan Mastrip Kemlaten Tambangan Gang 8 area, Karang Pilang, Surabaya. At that time, … Read more

[Badminton]Ng Ka Long ends his 8-year long-distance love run, marries his girlfriend and intends to have a baby

[Sports News]Hong Kong Yu’s “first brother” Ng Ka Long officially married his girlfriend Charlotte today (26th), and ended the 8-year love long-distance race under the witness of a group of Hong Kong teammates. Ka Lang said that after completing the major events in life, he can continue to devote himself to the badminton career, including … Read more

Jay from “Love Island 7” has a partner outside the show? “I am his girlfriend”:: RMF FM

Does the new participant of the program: “Love Island. The island of love” – ​​Jakub “Jay” Wiśniewski – have a girlfriend outside the villa? This is what one of the Internet users who spoke on the Internet says. She openly admitted that she is the partner of the said man… “Love Island”, season 7, episode … Read more

Jānis Lūsēns comes to the ceremony with his girlfriend, he enters alone

“Great Music Award” presentation ceremony +150 Watch more As observed by the magazine “Kas Jauns”, the luxuriously dressed people, who rushed to the most important event of the year of classical music at the Opera in the snowfall, looked back when they saw that the famous composer Jānis Lūsēns and his spouse Evia Mundeciems were … Read more

Valentina Quirós, girlfriend of the Santa Fe Klan, joins the animal print micro bikini trend

Valentina Quiros has begun to attract the attention of users of social networks, because after it was revealed that she is supposedly the new girlfriend of Santa Fe Clanhas featured on platforms like Instagram and TikTok. The young woman is very active on her official accounts, so many rapper fans have been able to see … Read more