The day Thalía confessed that she was Fernando Colunga’s GIRLFRIEND during the filming of ‘María la del barrio’

In the mid-1990s, one of the telenovelas that formed part of the ‘Marías’ trilogy premiered. For this melodrama, the participation of Thalia. The singer also shared a leading role alongside Fernando Colunga in ‘Maria from the Neighborhood’it was just during the filming this telenovela than the actress confessed what was it girlfriend de Colunga, a … Read more

Santiago Giménez is engaged to his girlfriend Fernanda SerranoHalftime

Editorial Mediotiempo Mexico City / 27.11.2022 16:50:01 This Sunday Santiago Gimenez He shared on his social networks that he compromised with your partner, Fin ernanda Serrano. With this, the Eredivisie Feyenoord footballer announced that there will soon be a wedding with the artist. Giménez published this Sunday afternoon several Photographs who showed the emotional moment … Read more

Hello! Latest post Hi-so girl, famous hero’s girlfriend, dating for 3 years, ripe love, the male side has come to ask.

Dating for 3 years, love is ripe, Sean Jindachot takes the family to ask for a girlfriend, Phet Phiphatchara, ready to open the door to ‘life partner’ After the young protagonist comes to the dark like Sean Chindachot In a relationship with a good girlfriend Petch Phiphatchara Designer and owner of the leather brand PIPATCHARA … Read more

See the sexy dance Frédérick from OD did for his girlfriend Alicia Moffet

Frederic Robichaud d’Double Occupancy in the West offered a daring dance to his girlfriend, Alicia Moffet. He has indeed swung his hips wildly for her behind the scenes of a shoot! See it perform in the header video. It’s behind the scenes of the recording of The week of the 4 Julies that the entrepreneur … Read more

Danilo Carrera made a comment about his girlfriend and Galilea Montijo was outraged

Galilea Montijo reacted to Danilo’s words. Photos: Darkroom Danilo Carrera confessed that he already has a new girlfriendbut this was not the most controversial part of his statement if not a comment What did he do to speak well of her? outraged Galilee Montijo. And Galilea Montijo had already advised Belinda that engagement rings are … Read more

No more secrets. The star Haaland is said to be dating a beautiful soccer player

He kept saying that football was the most important thing for him. However, now Erling Haaland went to the market with a bit of skin. On vacation in Marbella, Spain, he showed up with a soccer player from his hometown, Isabel Haugseng Johansen. Even though not long ago he jokingly declared that his girlfriends are … Read more

“Never finds a girlfriend” – Nasty billing after TV-Aus!

“The farmer is looking for a woman” candidate is now looking for a new woman again, but if the viewers have their way, this search could take a while. On the official account of the RTL show, some fans found clear words for the 30-year-old: Mike cannot be understood. Cathrin approached him openly and meant … Read more

This is how Mateusz “The farmer is looking for a wife” lives and lives every day. Has he found a girlfriend yet?

The 9th edition of the popular show “Farmer Wants a Wife” is slowly coming to an end. Candidates have already made their choices, and there is time for return visits ahead of them. However, fate did not smile on everyone. Farmer Mateusz decided to say goodbye to his candidates. What’s up with him right now? … Read more

The Case of a UNS Student Killing His 7 Months Pregnant Girlfriend, Helped by a Neighbor

TRIBUNJABAR.ID – Case pregnant women found dead in Ngrawe BeachGunungkidul, In Yogyakartacontinues. The perpetrator of the rajapati is UNS students. The perpetrator was desperate to kill the victim who was his lover when the victim was 28 weeks or 7 months pregnant. The victim’s family did not know about the victim’s pregnancy. Also read: New … Read more

“Brigadier J’s girlfriend is very beautiful, now Mrs. Putri Candrawathi is old,” said the prosecutor, Putri Emotion

Jakarta – One of the moments that went viral on TikTok during the trial of the defendants in the murder case of Brigadier Nofriansyah Yosua Hutabarat or Brigadier J was the moment when Princess Candrawathi compared her beauty to her aide’s lover, Vera Simanjuntak, Saturday (19/11/2022). “Brigadier J’s girlfriend is very beautiful, now Mrs. Putri … Read more