Missing 2 Months, Gabby Petito’s Body Found & Girlfriend Becomes a Wanted Police

Jakarta, Insertlive – Selebgram Gabby Petito is in the limelight after his case was revealed to the public. Gabby is rumored disappear after doing a van trip with her boyfriend, Brian Laundrie. The moment of Gabby and Brian’s journey was shared by both of them on social media. The couple visited several places such as … Read more

General Park Ha-sun ♥ Ryu Su-young I met because I didn’t have a girlfriend Bride X Club

JTBC ‘Bride X Club’, broadcast on the 22ndHa-sun Park X Hae-mi Park X Geum-hee Lee X Na-young Kim X Hyun-i Lee X Ye-won Jang /Photo=JTBC Chuseok pilot entertainment program ‘Bride X Club’ broadcast screen JTBC Chuseok pilot entertainment program ‘Bride X Club’. In ‘Bride X Club’, which aired on the 22nd, an unstoppable talk show … Read more

Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck | Ben Affleck brags his girlfriend up in the clouds after the reunion

“I’m speechless over Jennifer’s effect on the world,” Affleck said. Ben Affleck (49) and Jennifer Lopez (52) can safely be said to be among the most talked about celebrities of the day. After Lopez announced that she had broken engagement to Alex Rodriguez (46) in April this year, it did not take long before she … Read more

American millionaire Robert Durst convicted of murdering his girlfriend

18 September 2021 photo released, EPA comment on the photo, The prosecution described Durst as a psychopath and a narcissist A US court has convicted the real estate magnate and American millionaire, Robert Durst, for the murder of his best friend, Susan Berman. Durst was convicted of the crime in 2000 to prevent Susan from … Read more

Guillermo Marín introduced his new girlfriend, Natalia Gómez Gesualdi: she is a model, actress and was queen of Río Gallegos

Businessman Guillermo Marín introduced his girlfriend, whom he met at the end of 2020: the model Natalia Gómez Gesualdi. As the couple assured Caras magazine, they crossed paths in the neighborhood where they both live, in Las Cañitas, and the attraction was mutual. So much so that they already live together. According to Marín, his … Read more

A college student who came to see me on the 20th saying I will never forget my girlfriend… Seo Jang-hoon said a word firmly

Seo Jang-hoon left a firm word about the story of a man who can’t forget his girlfriend. In KBS Joy’s ‘Ask Anything’, which was broadcast on the 13th, Ko Min-nam, who could not forget the girlfriend he met on the 20th, appeared. The man said, “I have to forget it, but I can’t forget it. … Read more

Has a Tiny Girlfriend & is Good at Dressing Up, Luckily Not To Get Married, This Man Was Fooled By His Grandmothers

TRIBUN-MEDAN.com – Facial beauty is not a benchmark for finding a life partner, because everything will change in time. For example, this man was deceived by the beautiful appearance of a woman which he thought was still young. In fact, he has proposed to the woman to be a candidate wifenya. At least, this man’s … Read more

After the news of his assault on his girlfriend and his arrest spread, Saif Nabil appears in his latest appearance

A few hours ago, social networking sites were buzzing with the news of the Iraqi artist’s attackNabil’s swordOn his Lebanese sweetheart, following a dispute between them. This story was revealed by the media, Elie Bassil, in a video, in which he indicated that Saif was arrested about a week ago, after the young woman Saif … Read more

The deceased girlfriend for whom Niels Destadsbader his new…

Niels Destadsbader wrote ‘Sterker’ for his girlfriend Caroline, who died of pancreatic cancer in May 2020. — ©  rr Stronger. That is the title song of the new album by Niels Destadsbader (33). A very personal song, dedicated to a deceased friend. It concerns Caroline Dewaele (47), who died of pancreatic cancer in May last … Read more

They arrest the girlfriend of “El Chori”, current leader of the Tepito Union

Capital police officers arrested the night of Friday a Mitzi Yunuen, alias “La Mitzi”, girlfriend of “El Chori”, current leader of The Union Tepito. The arrest was derived from a search warrant that was granted by the control judge Héctor Fernando Rojas as part of the folder CI-FIDN / AOP / UI-3 C / D … Read more