THE FACTS of the murder of a junior high school student in Langkat, this is the sadistic way the girlfriend kills the victim using a stone

TRIBUN-MEDAN.COM, MEDAN – Suspected killer middle school student in the district Langkat finally arrested joint officers. As for the killer middle school student from Langkat it was named Fajar Sidik. According to the police statement, the killer middle school student from Langkat He is a resident of Alur Dua Baru Village, Jalan Bay Pas, Sei … Read more

The atmosphere of the wedding “Tam Wichaya” and his girlfriend “On Duangporn”, many entertainers joined in congratulating

The atmosphere of the wedding “Tam Wichaya” and his girlfriend “On Duangporn”, many entertainers joined in congratulating Follow the news, press follow, live news after Tam Wicha Jaruchinda The eldest son of a very talented actor. Dao Jaruchinda Made a surprise kneeling for a girlfriend outside the industry On Duangporn Chaiyarungyot who have been in … Read more

They filter photos of what would be Piqué’s new girlfriend | THE UNIVERSAL

The novel of the separation of Shakira and Piqué, the Barcelona footballer, from Spain, seems to have no end after the dissemination this week of an image in which the athlete appears accompanied by a woman. (Piqué’s gambetas to hide his infidelities to Shakira) The photos were captured in Stockholm, Sweden, where Piqué traveled to … Read more

A moving photo of a TVN24 reporter. “I was her girlfriend, I am fiancée”

Marta Warchoł, who is a reporter on TVN24, announced great news. As it turns out, after almost 8 years in a relationship with the producer of “Fakty TVN” and “Rozmowy o w świat”, Iwona Widomska, the women decided to get engaged. TVN24 reporter Marta Warchoł got engaged to her partner after almost 8 years of … Read more

ATP > Zverev on the absence of his girlfriend: “It’s disappointing for me that Sophia did not come”

“I couldn’t do anything alone, take a shower, go to the bathroom, my parents took care of me like a little baby”, said Alexander Zverevoperated on the three lateral ligaments of his right ankle after his fall against Rafael Nadal in the semi-final of Roland-Garros. If his parents took care of him, the world number … Read more

Sylvie Meis shows her son Damian’s first girlfriend

Sylvie Meis (44) is proud of her son. Because the TV presenter posted a photo together with Damian van der Vaart’s (16) girlfriend. He and Laerke Wiktoria Wendel have been a couple for almost seven months. The two met in Denmark. The teenager lives there with his father, former professional soccer player Rafael van der … Read more

Velvet – Gum Sugar – Cheated Azahriah’s Cheating Girlfriend Speaks to Pamela Hodi and Other News

Below we review what has become known about the celebrities of our country since we published our latest news summary. Stay with us, it will be long! Azahriah’s cheated girlfriend is upset Offensive criticism of Attila Baukó, Azahriah’s cheated girlfriend, Luna, came to life. The flu has written on its community page about how hard … Read more

Actress Rebel Wilson is dating girlfriend Ramona Agruma in Italy

Hollywood star Rebel Wilson and fashion designer Ramona Agruma Love holidays in Bella Italia Shortly after her outing, star comedian Rebel Wilson shared her love affair with fashion designer Ramona Agruma with her eleven million fans. Published: 06/21/2022 at 11:53 am Carefree actress Rebel Wilson (42) turtles in Italy, which she likes to show her … Read more

Poi Treechada tells the love path of Oak Phakhawa from a senior who has known him for 20 years to become a girlfriend.

What was the reason for the decision to get together? “It’s the right time. It was a time when the two of us were both single at that time, and we both knew each other’s backgrounds. Therefore, it is about self-learning. So we’ve seen each other for a long time.” Who asked for a date … Read more

Gianluca Ginoble: height, age, girlfriend, parents, where he lives

Gianluca Ginoble in a recent shot Gianluca Ginoble is an Italian singer, mainly known for being part of the group The flight. His musical group has received worldwide recognition for its unique sound which is the perfect fusion of classic (opera) and contemporary (pop) styles. With his band he performed alongside big names like Barbra … Read more