Announcement of a security vulnerability in Git for Windows, it affects users working on multi-user machines

Microsoft’s major April Patch includes a bug that has already been exploited and a second that has been publicly disclosed. The first, however: CVE-2022-24521, which NSA and CrowdStrike security researchers have reported Microsoft is actively exploiting. CVE-2022-24765 affects users working on multi-user machines. This is a privilege elevation vulnerability, which is found in the file … Read more

The GIT will be the premiere of the international project ‘Sufficient Distance’

On January 16, the premiere of the dance company “Nuepiko” and Kaunas City Chamber Theater for the work “Sufficient Distance” at the Gertrudes Street Theater (GIT). Content will continue after the ad Advertising According to the representatives of GIT, with this premiere, the artists end their week-long residency at the Gertrudes Street Theater. “The bond … Read more