US Feds want to prevent Microsoft from buying Activision

Image: SOPA Images (Getty Images) According to a report from Washington Postthe United States Federal Trade Commission (FTC) filed a lawsuit to block Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard, on the grounds that the deal would threaten to stifle competition within the video game industry. Earlier this year, Microsoft broke internet with the announcement that it … Read more

NASA’s Orion spacecraft makes one last flyby of the Moon

The Orion spacecraft next to the Moon and with the Earth in the backgroundImage: NASA The Orion spacecraft has completed its final flyby of the Moon on its way to Earth, where it is expected to land on December 11. On Monday, Orion fired the European Service Module’s main engine to approach within 117.3 km … Read more

Tesla achieved what Bill Gates said was not possible

Tesla’s Semi has completed 500 miles on a single charge Image: Tesla Last week was a proud day for Tesla. The car manufacturer announced that his semi electric truck had completed a 500 mile journey on a single charge. The achievement is very important and they showed it along with a video, something that Bill … Read more

Tesla begins shipping its first electric trucks

Image: Mike Mareen (Shutterstock Five years have passed since Tesla introduced the Semi, its first electric truck, and Elon Musk’s company has finally begun to deliver its first units. I guess we’ll have to pull sayings: nIt’s never too late if happiness is good. Tesla decided to show in great detail the delivery of its … Read more

Guardians of the Galaxy 3 trailer is finally here

Image: Marvel Studios. The guardians are back. Five years after his last solo film, Guardians of the Galaxy returns with what writer-director James Gunn promises will be the last Guardians film as we know them. From this team. And its first trailer is already here. Guardians of the Galaxy Volumen 3 will include the appearance … Read more

Transformers Rise of the Beasts Trailer Reveals the Beasts

Image: Paramount Pictures. In 1996, not only one of the first series created in 3D for television was released, but also what would be considered one of the best stories in the franchise. Transformers Until now, and even with a graphic section that hasn’t aged quite well. It was about Beast Wars: Transformersand now this … Read more

Trailer of Cocaine Bear, the movie about a bear addicted to coke

Cocaine Bear, based on a true story, hits theaters on February 24Image: Universal You can read the words “Cocaine Bear” and think you know what they mean. But until you’ve seen those words through the eyes of the directora Elizabeth Banksyou will not be truly prepared for what they entail. Cocaine Bear is the title … Read more

Lancia presents a concept car without wheels or windows

The Lancia Pu+Ra Zero concept, without wheels or windows, or anything else you expect in a carImage: Lancia Lancia’s only car on sale today, the third-generation Ypsilon subcompact hatchback, has been around since 2011. sells surprisingly well in his native Italy, the only country in which the brand operates, but Lancia has more ambitious plans … Read more

These are the best apps and games in the App Store according to Apple

Image: Apple One more year, Apple has shared which are, in its opinion, the best apps and video games from the gigantic collection that its App Store treasures. Between the app awards Store Awards 2022 we will meet apps for everyone apple devicesincluding the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac y Apple TV. In total, those … Read more

The largest breach produced by Twitter

The Twitter security flaw that allowed hackers to steal millions of user records was fixed in August this year, but that hasn’t stopped hackers from posting that data for free online.Image: Sergei Elagin (Shutterstock) The Twitter API once had a flaw so easy to exploit that hackers managed to obtain 5.4 million user details. Now, … Read more