Glacier Web Tool Reveals Complex Structures

This extraordinary image shows spiral galaxy IC 5332, taken by the NASA/Hubble Space Telescope (left) and the NASA/ESA/CSA James Webb Space Telescope (right). The images demonstrate the powerful potential offered by each of the world’s leading space telescopes, especially when their data is combined. Webb’s image shows the spiral galaxy in unprecedented detail thanks to … Read more

moment caught on video – UNIAN

A mountain glacier in Patagonia collapsed due to high temperatures. A glacier collapsed in Chile / video screenshot A mountain glacier in Patagonia, Chile, collapsed due to high temperatures. According to Reuters, warm weather and rain have caused part of a hanging glacier in a national park in Patagonia, Chile, to break off. The moment … Read more

The glacier at the end of the world is about to give way

Grand glacier Thwaites Glacier is located in West Antarctica. Nicknamed the “glacier of the end of the world”, this gigantic block of ice is 120 km wide and 600 km long. If it melted completely, it would cause the sea level to rise by one to three meters. Remarkable seabed imagery indicates Thwaites Glacier, Antarctica, … Read more

In Antarctica, the gigantic Thwaites glacier “holds on only by the tips of its nails”

Seven times the size of Brittany, the Thwaites glacier flows into the bay of Ile du Pin in western Antarctica. It juts out into the sea as a gigantic floating ice shelf. VShe frozen titan is resting on feet of clay for decades, the fault of natural climatic variations and climate change due to human … Read more

The “Glacier of Doom” hangs by a thread. Scientists have bad news – o2

The Thwaites Glacier Shelf is called the “Doom Glacier” for a reason. Scientists have long established that the complete collapse of this Florida giant could lead to a drastic rise in global sea levels. The glacier has been keeping climatologists awake at night for years, and now scientists have made another disturbing finding. Thwaites is … Read more

In Antarctica, the “glacier of the end of the world” hangs by a thread

The Thwaites glacier intrigues, and worries, specialists. He “now only hangs by a thread”. Disaster could strike at any time. The glacier Thwaites, in West Antarctica, is nicknamed “doomsday glacier”, or “glacier of the end of the world” or “glacier of the apocalypse”. Why ? Because it is so bulky, 120 km wide and 600 … Read more

The End of the World Glacier in Antarctica is at the limit and could raise the sea level

A part of the Thwaites Glacier that is now under observation by scientists (Photo provided by NASA authored by Jim Yungel / The Washington Post) The loss of ice from the second largest sea ice stream in West Antarctica, the glaciar Thwaites, known as the “end of the world glacier”, is currently a large uncertainty … Read more

The “doomsday glacier” in Antarctica is melting twice as fast as scientists thought: Could trigger climate change

After analyzing the samples and images from the submarine, the researchers conclude that the so-called “Doomsday Glacier” has the potential to retreat at twice the speed that satellites have detected during the last decade. This is revealed in a new research report published in the science journal Nature. Huge potential to raise the world’s sea … Read more