The global climate is stabilizing! So say scientists who have studied temperature fluctuations over the past 400,000 years

Good news: the global climate is stabilizing. This is indicated by climate data analyzing the chemical cycle over a hundred thousand years. A stabilizing mechanism dampens strong climate fluctuations. It may have contributed to the fact that the earth has never gotten too hot or too cold for life in billions of years. In short: … Read more

Hope against HIV? This tests an experimental vaccine, while the UN warns of global inequality

Regarding World AIDS Day (commemorated last Thursday), the scientific journal Science published the results of an experimental study that could represent hope against HIV, the virus that causes this disease. It is a vaccine that, if it continues on the same path, could lead to a breakthrough to counteract it. In the first stage of … Read more

HMD Global announces the list of 5 Nokia smartphones that will receive the Android 13 update : – Hi-Tech Lifestyle

Smartphone HMD Global moves pretty hard when it comes to updates, but at least so far it has brought the latest Android versions to all the devices it promised to do so. Unfortunately, the Nokia terminals released by HMD Global are generally quite accessible, so future updates will be increasingly difficult to implement. The Finnish … Read more

Krafton, global release of survival horror game ‘Callisto Protocol’ (IT/Science)-NSP Communications

(Photo = Krafton) (Seoul = NSP Communications) Reporter Lee Bok-hyeon = Striking Distance Studios (SDS), an independent studio of Krafton (CEO Kim Chang-han), released the survival horror game ‘The Callisto Protocol’ globally on the 2nd. Callisto Protocol is a game about survival in the year 2320 due to an unknown plague spreading on Jupiter’s moon … Read more

A study has linked aggressive online behavior to global warming

According to a recent study by the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK)published in The Lancet Planetary Health, the aggressive behavior of Internet users increases when temperatures drop below 12°C and exceed 21°C. These results underline the impact of climate change on our society, which is still far too underestimated. The authors of the … Read more

Redmi 11A and Poco X5 5G in their global versions are filtered by receiving certifications

Comment on the probability that Xiaomi work on new smartphones perhaps not surprising. But getting leaks from specific terminals of yours maybe yes. That is what happened now with two future teams from two divisions of the firm: the Redmi 11A and the Poco X5 5G. In both cases, what was leaked are the international … Read more

Expert Plans to Bury Carbon Dioxide in Ocean to Fight Global Warming

Jakarta, CNNIndonesia — Various ways and ideas emerge for the sake of facing global warming. One of them is the idea of ​​burying carbon dioxide into the ocean. “At this point, time is of the essence,” said Michael Hochella, a specialist Earth scientist at the US Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. Science Alert. … Read more

One of the wolves of Wall Street predicts a catastrophe similar to the global financial crisis

A major American investor, who heads an investment company, expected that the main S&P500 index on Wall Street would decline by 43%, despite the statements made by Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell, which gave A boost of enthusiasm for the markets during the past days. Powell hinted at an increase in the federal interest rate … Read more

Types of Honey that Can Lower Blood Sugar and High Cholesterol Page all – It’s no longer a secret that honey has many health benefits. Recent studies have shown that one of the benefits of honey is that it can lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels. This finding is quite surprising, because honey, which is 80 percent sugar, actually provides good benefits for the body, and can … Read more

The Pentagon evaluates the CCP’s military power from five aspects to reveal its global ambitions | CCP Military Power Report | The Epoch Times

[Epoch Times, December 01, 2022](Reported by Epoch Times reporter Song Tang) On November 29, the US Department of Defense released the 2022 “China (CCP) Military and Security Situation Development Report” (Military and Security Developments Involving the People’s Republic of China), commonly known as “CCP military report”。 last month,PentagonA confidential “CCP military report“, the report released … Read more