Samsung will download the cheapest fifth generation phone with global capabilities: prepare your money

Books – Al-Basheer Samsung announced its intention to launch a new affordable F-class phone with global capabilities of the fifth generation in order to make the phone accessible to everyone. The new and cheap Samsung phone from the fifth generation will come under the name Galaxy F23 5G during the next few days. Galaxy F23 … Read more

Omicron causes a significant slowdown in the global economy

Report: Omicron is causing a significant slowdown in the global economy The United States witnessed a decline in the growth of services and manufacturing, while the service sectors in Europe and Asia also slowed, according to a report by the American Wall Street Journal. A survey of purchasing managers said that rising infection rates, driven … Read more

The space exploration research community “needs challenging research in the deep space field”

The space exploration research community emphasized the need for challenging research for deep space research. On the 25th, Yong Hong-taek, 1st Vice Minister of Science and Technology Information and Communication, visited the Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute (President Young-deuk Park) to hear an overview of the current space exploration program and opinions of the … Read more

the global version will be released on January 26

Share Tweet Share Share Email The first officialization of the Redmi Note 11 dates from December 2021, on Chinese territory. A few weeks later, Xiaomi will now launch the global version of their device. What configurations will be available? What models would we be entitled to? And above all, at what cost? The characteristics of … Read more

UPDATE Corona Global January 24, 2022: 2 Indonesian Omicron Patients Died | A number of countries experience spikes in Covid-19 cases – Update on the corona virus in Indonesia and the world on Monday (24/1/2022) is still about the spike in cases Covid-19 one of which is triggered by the Omicron variant. Quoted from realtime Worldometers on Monday (1/24/2022) morning, the total cases of the corona virus globally, namely: Total positive cases: 351,897,684 Total recovered … Read more

Last days to sign up: motorcycles and quads are auctioned off at super low prices

In the lower house, the ruling party and the opposition are preparing to deal with the agenda sent by the national executive, which will focus on projects of an economic nature. It is also expected that the initiative that reforms the Judicial Council will be included.

Neogames is bidding on Aspire Global – whose bidding committee recommends the deal

Neogames offers to buy all shares in Aspire Global through a combination of cash and shares. The cash share refers to 50% in Aspire Global at a price of SEK 111 per share, which corresponds to a premium of 41.40% compared to Aspire Global’s closing price on Monday. The share portion refers to the remaining … Read more

Global Crystal’s merger with Shichuang passed the review of China’s anti-monopoly authorities | Anue Juheng- Taiwan Stock News

Silicon wafer giant Universal Crystal (6488-TW) announced today (21) that its acquisition of the German silicon wafer giant Siltronic has passed the review of the Chinese anti-monopoly authority (the State Administration for Market Regulation). Global Crystal’s acquisition of Shichuang has been reviewed and approved by anti-monopoly authorities in Germany, Austria, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, the … Read more

A drama that insulted even the global idol Blackpink index… In the end, I made this choice

The drama ‘Seollganghwa’ starring Black Pink’s Jisoo and Jung Haein is scheduled to end sooner than expected. Jisoo/Jung Hae-in’s Instagram On the 21st, a representative of JTBC’s ‘Solganghwa’ announced, “On the 30th, episodes 15 and 16 of ‘Solganghwa’ will be aired consecutively.” ‘Snow Ganghwa’ is a 16-episode series, currently airing up to 11 episodes. It … Read more

A group of scientists oppose “shortening the sun” to combat global warming – The savanna biome is meadows scattered with bushes and trees. Typically, a savanna biome can be found between a tropical rain forest and a desert biome. This makes the savanna also known as the tropical prairie. The savanna biome has warm temperatures all year round. Actually, the savanna has two seasons, namely a … Read more