Little girl from Granby: the mother and the grandmother will sue the DPJ

Three years after the tragic death of the little girl from Granby, a colossal lawsuit against the authorities is about to be filed by her mother and her paternal grandmother. The Department of Youth Protection (DPJ), stakeholders and the Val-des-Cerfs School Service Center will be targeted by this lawsuit. • Read also: Father pleads guilty: … Read more

Girl from Granby: new elements made public

New evidence presented during the trial of the mother-in-law of the Granby girl, which took place in Trois-Rivières, was made public on Friday. • Read also: Granby girl: at least 15 to 18 years in prison demanded for the mother-in-law • Read also: The girl from Granby lived in a regime of terror As the … Read more

The girl from Granby “well attached”, according to a text message

The girl from Granby was “well attached” in the hours preceding the tragedy, the mother-in-law accused of the murder had written in a series of disturbing texts presented to the jury. • Read also: Trial of the mother-in-law: the story of the accused’s son continues • Read also: Trial of the mother-in-law: the account of … Read more

Granby: the mother-in-law of the deceased girl pleads not guilty

A little over two years after the tragic death of a seven-year-old girl in Granby, the trial of her mother-in-law opened on Monday at the Trois-Rivières courthouse. • Read also: Confidence in the DPJ must be restored, according to an expert In two hours, the 14 jurors, eight men and six women, were selected. Sitting … Read more