Current events in Ukraine | Two more mass graves were discovered in Izjua – BNN

Two more mass burial sites with the remains of hundreds of people have been discovered in the northeastern Ukrainian city of Izyum, referring to the statement of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, the news agency informs Reuters. “Today I received more information… They found two more mass graves, large graves with hundreds of people… … Read more

The bodies of the Semarang civil servants who died were burned in the family graves

Semarang, CNN Indonesia — The body of Paul Iwan Budi Prasetyo, ASN at City Government SemarangCentral Java, who was mutilated and burned to death, was buried by his family at the Salaman Mloyo TPU. Iwan Budi’s funeral procession was colored by the family’s sobs. The deceased’s eldest daughter, Saras, couldn’t stop crying while hugging her … Read more

After the Russian occupation, hundreds of people were killed in mass graves / Article

Warning! The video and photos attached to the article show unpleasant sights. In the pine forest in Izjuma, more and more body bags are lying next to each other. The air is oppressive – there is a sickening smell of death. After the liberation of Izjuma, mass burials were found in this place, which were … Read more

Unusual, 3 New Species Of These Ground Snakes Found Under Graves

loading… One of the new species of ground snake, Atractus discovery was found hidden among the graves of elders in the Andean city of Amaluza, Azuay province, Ecuador. Photo/techexplorist/Alejandro Arteaga QUITO – Discovery 3 new species they are This land in Ecuador invites many question marks. Because, this cryptozoic species of snake that lives underground … Read more

Many airports are quiet ‘like graves’ in Indonesia, this is the culprit

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Many small airports currently have no post-operated flight schedules. This is due to the lack of interest in the number of passengers. From the results of the flight ticket sales platform search, which was seen on Wednesday (31/8/2022), airports such as JB Sudirman in Purbalingga, Ngloram Airport in Blora, and Wiriadinata, … Read more

Mysteries unraveled: Why does someone lay flowers on the abandoned graves in Borgloon?

“Someone must have an interest in preserving the graves, but why?”, Dirk Houbrechts of the technical service wonders. “Who still has a connection with people who died at least 70 years ago? The other graves are even older, somewhere from the 1800s. The names of some of the deceased are no longer legible. And not … Read more

9 Graves in Cianjur Landslide, Bodies Scatter!

Cianjur – A cliff as high as 30 meters in the Public Cemetery (TPU) Cipanas District, Cianjur landslide. As a result, nine graves were carried away by landslides and several bodies were scattered. Information collected detikJabar, The landslide occurred on Saturday (16/7/2022) early in the morning, at around 02.00 WIB, after heavy rain had poured … Read more

Discovered Brutal, Israel Promises to Find Graves of 20 Egyptian Soldiers Burned Alive

loading… Israeli Defense Minister Benjamin Benny Gantz in Virginia, USA, December 9, 2021. Photo/Yasin Ozturk/Anadolu Agency TEL AVIV – Israeli brutality was exposed to the public when Israeli journalists said 20 Egyptian soldiers were burned alive during the 1967 Six-Day War. After the news became public, Israel promised to work to find the graves of … Read more