After the gloomy UN report – a grim scientist’s forecast: disaster is approaching, but we will only be able to growl in despair

The Greenhouse Gas Bulletin report from the UN World Meteorological Organization (WCO) states that the latest measured annual increase in GHG concentrations last year was higher than the 2011-2020 average. Moreover, the same trend continues in 2021. According to the WCO, the economic slowdown caused the COVID-19 pandemic to reduce new emissions, but this did … Read more

China Football League Xinjiang team official announces that coach Pei Encai resigns and the team’s relegation form is grim

Original title: China Xinjiang team official announced the resignation of coach Pei Encai, the team’s relegation form is grim On October 2nd, Beijing time, the Xinjiang Tianshan Snow Leopard Football Club of China Football Club announced that head coach Pei Encai had resigned to the club due to health reasons. The announcement is as follows: … Read more

Challenge the Grim Reaper game in Shibuya! “New Brave New World” PC version released “NEO: The World Ends with You”

SQUARE ENIX’s action role-playing game “New ‧Brilliant New World(NEO: The World Ends with You) >> PC version, officially available at Epic Games Store Hiradai.   《New ‧Brilliant New World“Was launched on the Nintendo DS console in 2007”Brave new worldThe sequel to “”, depicts the story of the new protagonist Gentian and his companion challenged to bet … Read more

Xi Jinping wants to seize Taiwan, warns the situation is grim

loading… BEIJING – Xi Jinping , President China , said the scramble against Taiwan it’s inevitable. He described the situation as bleak. The leader of China’s communist regime, on Sunday, urged Taiwan’s main opposition party to help what he called “national unification.” Also read: Getting to know Vanuatu, a small country that always bothers Indonesia … Read more

Grim action movie Gungrave GORE will be released in 2022 – on PlayStation, Xbox and PC

Gloomy action movie Gungrave G.O.R.E. announced three years ago, intending to release in 2019 only on PS4. Time has passed, the game was postponed, and now the developers have decided on a premiere date – 2022. But the good news is that the game will not be a PlayStation exclusive. Among the announced platforms, in … Read more

A grim view in the Vilnius station area: the body of a dead man was found in the yard

Thursday, around 11 p.m. 20 minutes ago, in Vilnius, Sodų str., In the yard, was found dead unidentified body of a 40-year-old man without external signs of violence. A pre-trial investigation has been launched to determine the cause of death. It is strictly forbidden to use the information published by DELFI on other websites, in … Read more

Beirut protests turn grim: tear gas, officer dead, …

A police officer has died during the Beirut protests. Four days after the devastating explosion in the port of Beirut, thousands of Lebanese have gathered to protest against the country’s political elite. Lebanese Prime Minister Hassan Diab has announced that he wants to bring the elections forward. “We cannot get out of this crisis without … Read more

Confrontations and arrests, Portland atmosphere increasingly grim: ‘Serious chance that people will die here’

In Portland there have been another tough confrontation between federal forces and protesters last night. President Trump sent the unrecognizable paramilitaries to restore order to the city, but the opposite seems to be happening. .