Marcelo Tinelli’s family is growing! Famous was a grandfather for the second time

“Welcome Emma, ​​my second granddaughter… We are very happy!!! Full of love!!” were the words of the star producer of Marcelo Tinelli where he congratulated his daughter, his son-in-law and the couple’s first daughter from his Instagram account where he has almost a million and a half followers. I post Chato Prada granddaughter Emma birth.jpg … Read more

A new route for migrants through Moscow: the number of arrivals is growing

As the weather warms up in Europe, there is an increasing number of requests for help from social networking groups uniting migrants. “Who can take me to Belarus?” “Brothers, do you have any information about the route from Russia to Poland?” Maybe you can recommend smugglers to help you go to Germany? ” This is … Read more

Discovered the fastest growing black hole and it is rapidly consuming the universe

Ads Scientists claim they’ve found a black hole so big our entire solar system could fit behind its event horizon. And worryingly, the black hole is taking up Earth-sized bites of the universe, according to experts at the Australian National University. Lead researcher Dr. Christopher Onken said the discovery was like finding a “very big, … Read more

[아하! 우주] One gulp of the earth every second… Discovery of supermassive black holes growing fast

<!—-> ▲ A graphic image of a black hole A rapidly growing black hole has been observed that swallows up a mass equivalent to one Earth per second. Recently, a team from the Australian National University (ANU) announced that the fastest growing supermassive black hole ever observed has been detected in the constellation Centaur. Estimated … Read more

Growing Up Agency revokes permit ‘t Kindernestje because the crèche takes in too many children: “They wanted to help parents who were still looking for a place, but are now getting the lid on the nose” | Zele

A craft for Mother’s and Father’s Day, a visit from Sinterklaas or Valentine’s messages. If you look at the photos on the Facebook page and read the reactions of parents, you would think that there is nothing in the air at ‘t Kindernestje. We are also confirmed from various reliable sources that ‘t Kindernestje has … Read more

Australian astronomers find fastest growing giant black hole Swallow the whole world every second – BBC News Thai

17 June 2022 image source, Getty Images A team of astronomers from the Australian National University (ANU) has discovered an ancient supermassive black hole. expanding at the fastest growth rate ever discovered A black hole can absorb the same amount of material as the entire Earth every 1 second. This supergiant black hole has a … Read more

Latvia has the second fastest growing labor cost in the EU and the euro area

Average hourly labor costs in Latvia in the first quarter of this year, compared to the corresponding quarter last year, increased by 12.8%, which is a faster increase than in the European Union (EU) and the euro area on average, according to data released by the EU statistical office Eurostat on Thursday. A faster increase … Read more

New winds in the leasing market: interest in electric cars is growing sometimes

The most popular new car brands in Lithuania are Toyota, Volkswagen and Peugeot. And used cars – BMW, Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz – show the leasing data of Šiaulių bankas. With fuel prices rising and falling, interest in new and used electric cars of various brands is growing: the population leased almost 3 times more such … Read more

Bitcoin just didn’t fall below $ 20,000 today. Concerns about Celsius’ problems are growing

Negative mood on cryptocurrencies continues. Bitcoin around noon just narrowly escaped the fall below border 20 000 USD. In addition to the general sale factor on all risk assets nand the whole sector is negatively affected mainly by the problems of the large cryptocurrency company Celsius, which announced the suspension of repurchases, transfers and swaps … Read more