Polls, the mystery of Giorgia Meloni’s consent: is it growing or falling? Escape from Pd, voters prefer M5s to Renzi and Calenda

Consent for Giorgia MeloniIs it uphill or downhill for your party and your government? A legitimate question for anyone who has read the main Italian newspapers today. According to the latest Ipsos survey for the Corriere della Sera il 49% of the interviewees gives a positive opinion on the prime minister, 46 on the government, … Read more

Speculation about the end of Binotto is growing again. The head of the Scuderia is said to be about to resign himself – F1sport.cz

Before the last race of the season, there were speculations about the end of the Ferrari boss. Now it’s coming back. Ferrari i Binotto they dismissed the speculation before and during the weekend in Abu Dhabi as rumours, but neither side ever stated unequivocally that Binotto would be with the team next year. Even Frédéric … Read more

Aurora Ramazzotti presents growing baby ball

The little boy seems to be growing vigorously. Aurora’s baby bump is already clearly visible in new paparazzi photos. In the pictures, Michelle Hunziker’s (45) daughter walks through Milan in a comfortable outfit. She combined her wide jeans with a white blouse and a green sweater. To defy the cold temperatures, the presenter has thrown … Read more

Covid, cases are growing but the government is thinking of lifting the isolation

A decree to redraw the rules on the isolation of Covid positives, perhaps even eliminating the restrictions for those who have no symptoms or have few. It is the provision that the Ministry of Health is thinking about in days in which, however, the curve is going up. Cases are on the rise, as are … Read more

The mood of Russians is falling because of the sanctions, dissatisfaction is growing

The mood of people in Moscow and throughout Russia is worse than usual at the moment, according to film producer Lisa, who did not want to publish her full name. “The mood in Moscow and the country right now is extremely gloomy, quiet, fearful and hopeless,” the 34-year-old Russian told CNN. “The planning horizon is … Read more

How Workday plans to keep growing

“Changemakers, it’s time to rise” – this was the motto of the “Rising Europe” conference in Stockholm, Sweden. During three days, visitors had the opportunity to take part in some of the around 200 breakout sessions, listen to keynotes and exchange ideas with the organizer Workday and its partners and customers. Workday Co-CEO Cheno Fernandez … Read more

The company of Jorick and Ernst from Assen is growing very fast. On Tuesday they will receive a prize for super-fast growing companies. ‘Plodding, luck and the goodwill factor’

Kleumen it was, the first months of Krulo, the then tiny car parts wholesaler, the two friends remember from the kick-off of their 2019 adventure in Emmen. ,,After we received the key to the box, we drove to the nearest Gamma and bought two racks. They fit right in. But after a few months the … Read more

Federal government on Twitter: “Growing concern”

Status: 11/18/2022 5:26 p.m The short message service Twitter does not come to rest – that also occupies the federal government. She does not rule out a withdrawal from the platform. Meanwhile, the mass exodus on Twitter continues. Chaotic developments have been going on at Twitter for three weeks. The federal government sees this with … Read more

The growing problems of the Russians in the south. Experts have no doubts

“Ukrainian forces will probably find it more difficult to achieve such groundbreaking results,” as in the western part of the Kherson Oblast, where a counter-offensive led to the withdrawal of Russian troops from the western bank of the Dnieper analysts predict. Nevertheless, Ukrainian troops may “interfere with Russian attempts to strengthen and maintain new defensive … Read more