Korean brands are not affected by the crisis in the automotive industry, Kia has grown by 56 percent a year

The European new car market continues to face the consequences of the covid-19 pandemic and, above all, the current shortage of manufacturing components, especially chips. This means that in September 2021, only 972,723 new cars were registered in Europe, 25.2% less than a year ago. This is according to statistics published by the European Automobile … Read more

Czech fruit growers are crushed by cheap Polish apples. In addition, they lack warehouses

The purchase price of apples, for which fruit growers sell them, has fallen by several crowns per kilogram this year. For various special offers, traders also ask for a redemption price of only around ten crowns per kilogram. On the shelves, apples cost at least three times as much. On the contrary, the costs of … Read more

Is telecommuting to stay? The number of teleworkers has grown both in Europe and in Latvia / Article

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused a variety of changes in almost everyone’s life. Among other things, the way we are used to working was significantly affected. Although teleworking opportunities are not new and have been available since the 1990s, the last year and a half has given us a huge push to make them widely … Read more

Katarzyna Cichopek celebrates her birthday and poses with her family. But the children have already grown up. “Happy mother”

Katarzyna Cichopek is one of the most popular Polish actresses. She is the wife of the famous dancer Marcin Hakiel. A happy married couple brings up two of them together children – 12-year-old Adam and 8-year-old Helena. Celebrities pay a lot of attention to their kids and do their best to raise them to be … Read more

Donia Butma’s daughter grabs the attention on her first school day..Look at how much she has grown up

The Moroccan artist publishedDonia ButmaA picture of her eldest daughter, Ghazal, on her personal page on the social networking site, caught the attention of her followers with her beauty and wit. Ghazal appeared as she was preparing for her first day of school, and Donia commented on the photo: “Zuzu loves you.” Donia Al-Gamhour also … Read more

‘220.lv’: In two years, the number of sellers in ‘Marketplace’ has grown almost a hundredfold

According to the data of the shopping center on the Internet “220.lv”, the number of traders who have signed agreements to start trading on the e-commerce platform (“Marketplace”) managed by “Pigu Group” in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia has reached almost 4000. “Marketplace” , which celebrates two years in September, the number of sellers has more … Read more

Iwona Schymalla was the star of TVP, but she stepped back into the shadows. She returned to the wall. She had grown her hair and changed color. They suit her

Iwona Schymalla collaborated with Telewizj± Polsk± for twenty-one years. Viewers know her very well for her role as the host of the “Coffee or Tea” or “Between Earth and Heaven” programs. At the end of the 90s, it was considered one of the largest stars station, the culmination of which was Wiktor Public, whom she … Read more

Marius Grigonis’ family has grown: a girl has been born Names

Salomėja Grigonė reported good news on social networks. The couple gave birth to a girl on September 17th. “Emil became an older brother to his sister,” S. Grigone wrote. “The family is growing,” his soc. M. Grigonis was seconded to his wife in the network account. Personal album photo Gromone with her son Emilius Petru … Read more

Video: The ozone hole has grown significantly. It’s bigger than Antarctica

According to experts the hole in the protective layer of the atmosphere has widened significantly in the last week. “We are monitoring a relatively large and potentially deep ozone hole,” said Vincent-Henri Peuch, the agency’s director. According to him, the enlargement of the ozone hole started this year normally, similarly to last year, but when … Read more

Yana Marinova and the new photos with her grown son Nikola

It is not often that celebrities share so many personal moments in their lives and the thoughts they evoke in them. Yana Marinova recently told about the exciting meeting with her grown son on her Instagram account. Yana Marinova and her photo from the bed She is still beautiful and without makeup Nikola, who has … Read more