Probable images of the main characters of GTA 6 and an open world map appeared on the network

© A leak about the main characters of Grand Theft Auto 6 appeared back in 2020. Even then, many sources described the plot that develops in the 80s and 90s around a brother and sister who lost their parents in childhood. In April this information was confirmed an authoritative insider, and today another leaker has … Read more

This is what GTA The Definitive Edition should look like! An amazing vision of GTA 3, Vice City and San Andreas fans in UE5

achievementsHandler#handleClickOnArticle”> The TeaserPlay group amazes with its trailers-visions of what refreshed versions of well-known, slightly older games could look like. Most recently, TeaserPlay featured Far Cry 3 and Silent Hill in Unreal Engine 5. This time the team took to Grand Theft Auto 3, previously doing a San Andreas and Vice City showcase. After Far … Read more

Not Just Slot Gambling, MUI Labels These 4 Online Games as Haram

AROUND CIBUBUR – The Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) not only forbids online gambling games such as slots, but also a number of online games that are considered to display inappropriate scenes of violence. The haram fatwa issued by the MUI against these 4 games are: Higgs Domino. Grand Theft Auto or GTA, PUBG and Ragnarok … Read more

GTA Wise City gets a fan remake with a fantastic trailer on Unreal Engine 5

The same author recently surprised us with an updated version of GDA San Andreas. We picked you up last week Works by Teaser PlayA creator who loaded a sensational trailer YouTube-kanal Restore the new recording Big car theft San Andreas Inside Unreal engine5. There was a view of Grove Street To the extent that the … Read more

The best and craziest missions in the history of GTA

achievementsHandler#handleClickOnArticle”> The Grand Theft Auto series, especially in its recent editions, is a display of the unhindered creativity of designers and screenwriters. Crazy themes, vulgar humor, comic parodies and pastiches as well as fast-paced action – GTA constantly amazes with its missions. Before you, a subjective selection of the 10 best story challenges from this … Read more

Such GTA: Vice City has not been yet. This is another game refreshed on Unreal Engine 5

The creator of the material showing what the remake of GTA: San Andreas would look like on the Unreal Engine 5 engine, has published another video, but this time dedicated to Vice City. The author of the recording is youtuber from the TeaserPlay group. In the work on the project, the internet user made use … Read more

GTA Vice City: the Grand Theft Auto family and Rockstar Games mourn after the announcement of sad news!

Game News GTA Vice City: the Grand Theft Auto family and Rockstar Games mourn after the announcement of sad news! Published on 05/26/2022 at 22:09 Today, there was not only exciting news about games that we are eagerly awaiting. The information quickly spread on the web before Rockstar Games took the floor, with a heavy … Read more

What do we know about GTA VI

Are we sure we should wait for the game? Perhaps this is the only officially confirmed fact to date. In February 2022, representatives from Rockstar Games announced that the development of the next part of the GTA “is in full swing.” “We look forward to revealing more details once we’re ready… Our team can’t wait … Read more

Fan makes impressive teaser of GTA: San Andreas Unreal Engine 5 remake

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy Definitive Edition was not exactly a success to say the least. The trilogy was plagued by bugs and graphically there was also a lot to complain about. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas in particular was hit hard. Fans would have preferred to see real remakes of their beloved games, something … Read more