Seasonal epidemic of bronchiolitis in progress in Guadeloupe and Martiniqu

Since the arrival of the seasonal epidemic of bronchiolitis in the West Indies, between 10 and 20 weekly consultations have been estimated by the Regional Health Agencies during the last three weeks of last December. Activity remains “sustained” at the hospital at the start of 2022. Guy Etienne (Martinique La 1ère) • Posted on January … Read more

In Guadeloupe, opponents of vaccines attack the hospital’s director and doctors

Dozens of protesters against the vaccination have been attacked by the hospital’s director and other staff in the French overseas department of Guadeloupe, officials said on Wednesday. Content will continue after the ad Advertising A demonstration against Covid-19 vaccines and restrictions in the fight against the pandemic was organized by the health workers’ union. Its … Read more

Emmanuel GORDIEN: “We can in no way speak of experimental vaccines”

HEAD OF THE VIROLOGY UNIT AT THE BOBIGNY AVICENNE HOSPITAL Originally from Guadeloupe, Dr Emmanuel Gordien is head of the virology unit at the Avicenne hospital in Bobigny, one of the establishments of the Île-de-France CHU. According to this eminent specialist, messenger RNA technology, known for twenty years, makes it possible to manufacture “the vaccine … Read more

After the Miss Universe experience, Clémence Botino is back in Guadeloupe

Clémence Botino is back on his land! After a very good journey in Israel for the Miss Universe contest, where she finished in 9th place, the Gosiérienne returned to Guadeloupe this Saturday at the end of the afternoon. She was welcomed at the Pôle Caraïbes airport by a small committee made up of her relatives, … Read more

The tension over the protests against vaccines continues in Guadeloupe and spreads to Martinique

Violence continues in Guadeloupe, despite reinforcements from the police. They are now monitoring a possible contagion in neighboring Martinique, where police and firefighters were also shot at overnight. The curfew was extended until November 28 in Guadeloupe, so the violence continued on Tuesday, November 23. In Paris, the Government insists on the restoration of order, … Read more

Between the West Indies and chlordecone, ultratoxicity under the eye of the microscope

The ongoing social crisis in Guadeloupe and Martinique has put the sensitive subject of pollution in the Antilles with chlordecone back on the table. This highly toxic insecticide, banned since 1993 throughout France, is at the heart of various scientific studies aimed at better understanding its harmful effects on the human body and ecosystems. the … Read more

After serious protests, the French government said it could grant more autonomy to the overseas region of Guadeloupe

After the serious protests of recent days in Guadeloupe, the Caribbean archipelago that constitutes one of the overseas regions of France, the French minister of overseas regions, Sébastien Lecornu, said the government could be willing to grant more autonomy to Guadeloupe. Currently in Guadeloupe, as in other overseas regions, the same laws apply as in … Read more

Protests against the vaccine in Guadeloupe are a headache for France

France will send about fifty special police officers to Guadeloupe, the Caribbean archipelago that makes up one of the country’s overseas regions, to handle the violent protests and looting of recent days against coronavirus restrictions, for which 31 people have already been arrested. On Monday, a collective of trade unions called an indefinite strike – … Read more

why a difference between Martinique and Guadeloupe?

The prefecture of Martinique imposes a curfew from 7 p.m., while at the same time, Guadeloupeans will be able to circulate freely until midnight. How to explain this difference? Xavier Chevalier • Posted on October 26, 2021 at 8:01 am, updated on October 27, 2021 at 11:27 a.m. While Guadeloupe continues its deconfinement and enters … Read more

The town hall in the colors of Pink October

LOWLAND Since Saturday, in support of Operation Pink October, the town hall is all dressed in pink … Sensitive to the problem of breast cancer, the municipal team has chosen to support Operation Pink October, an annual meeting dedicated to raising awareness of breast cancer screening, by decorating the facade of the town hall in … Read more