“In 2 years we will also be able to tackle the most difficult to treat tumours”: will flash therapy be the major breakthrough in cancer treatment? And how does it work? | My Guide: Health

Is flash therapy, irradiation at a very short time with a high dose, the key to more successful tumor treatment? The first research is already promising. “Not only is the impact on the tumor at least as great as with normal radiation, there is less damage to surrounding organs and it is cheaper, because one … Read more

FC Barcelona publishes a guide with 34 species that live in the Camp Nou

Large sports stadiums, generally dominated by concrete, metal and plastic structures, do not appear to be the best environment for wildlife. But, looking in detail, even the facilities of a first division football club are home to dozens of species of birds, reptiles and mammals common in urban and peri-urban environments. FC Barcelona has looked … Read more

Ž.Skučas: about over-the-top relaxation, legionnaires’ depression, guide around Lithuania instead of ENBL and M.Kalnietis

Not so long ago, Utena’s “Uniclub Casino – Juventus” team enjoyed a long streak of eight victories in the Lithuanian Basketball League (Betsafe-LKL). Still, she lulled the team, she admits Žygymantas Skučas. This was followed by a loss to Alytus Wolves and a weak performance in the quarterfinals of the King’s Mindaugas Cup (KMT) against … Read more

To the attention of those who carry their mobile phone in the car: be careful or keep your car parked (a guide so you don’t damage anything)

What you should know to take care of your phone’s battery but also so that your car never stops It is a behavior adopted by many people on a daily basis, and there has been a lot of talk about its possible counterparts. However, despite the fact that the question is no longer new, it … Read more

Carlo Tavecchio, former FIGC – Sport president, has died

Charles Taveccio he died this morning. The former president of the Football Federation, a position held from 2014 to 2017, was 79 years old. In his managerial career he was also president of the National Amateur League. Tavecchio had resigned from the leadership of the FIGC, in November 2017, after Italy’s failure to qualify for … Read more

Who is who in the trial of Genaro García Luna: a guide in real time

Genaro García Luna, Secretary of Security of the Government of Felipe Calderón, sits in the dock of the accused in New York. It is the highest profile trial against a former Mexican official in the United States. The authorities accuse the former head of the Federal Police three counts of cocaine trafficking, one for organized … Read more

Doctor’s Recipe Guide to Handling and Medicine for Measles in Babies

One of the concerns of parents for babies and children is measles. In 2010, Indonesia was the country with the third highest incidence rate of measles in Southeast Asia. The World Health Organization notes that there were 6,300 confirmed cases in Indonesia throughout 2013. Giving measles medicine to babies is important for controlling symptoms. In … Read more

Barely 40 m² in size, but who cares with a view like that? This lodge is perhaps the most beautiful place in the High North | My Guide

Woon.We may never have the money to live there ourselves, but we all like to look at and dream of a great house. That’s why we show an amazing home every Wednesday. This week it’s a lodge in the Norwegian fjords. In the ‘The high north’ on One you can marvel at the beautiful landscapes … Read more

From sea to mountains: the first Overland tourism guide for the Chilean Central Zone is published | Tourism & Travel

The guide includes various recommendations for places and routes that tourists can visit during their vacations in the Central Zone of the country. Among its content, the circuits that cover different points stand out: from stays in the mountains, to postcards on the coast. Mountain, Coast or Valley? And why not, Mountain, Coast and Valley? … Read more