Osakidetza starts calling 8-year-olds for the vaccine

Osakidetza has started to open the vaccination appointment for children under eight years of age. If last Wednesday, the 15th, when the childhood immunization campaign started, you assured that you intended to gradually lower the age, you have already achieved go down one more year. Until now 15,269 Basque minors from 5 to 11 years … Read more

Everything ready for the arrival of the childhood vaccine in the Basque Country

Euskadi already has everything ready for begin this Wednesday to administer the pediatric vaccine against covid and will do so mainly in health centers and intermediate points. This Monday the first consignment of 1.3 million pediatric vaccines from Pfizer for children from 5 to 11 years old. As soon as they have them, the Ministry … Read more

Osakidetza faces the challenge of putting another million vaccines before the end of the year

After having starred in the largest immunization campaign in its history, inoculating anticovid drugs, Osakidetza faces a dizzying end of the year with two intense months where it will redouble its efforts and he will do the rest again by injecting three sera into three population cohorts with different ages. Up to a million vaccinations … Read more

A score of babies mistakenly receive the anticovid vaccine in Vietnam

A total of 18 babies between one and six months of age have received by mistake the Pfizer vaccine against the coronavirus in a hospital in the capital of Vietnam, Hanoi, with no evidence of side effects, as recognized by the city’s health authorities. The event occurred on el Yen Son Commune Medical Center, from … Read more

Only 36 anticovid vaccines have expired in the Basque Country

Only 36 of the 3,668,820 vaccines against covid-19 that have arrived in the Basque Country since the vaccination campaign began have expired, a figure that has had “no impact” on this process and that contrasts with the numbers of Catalonia, where about 70,000 doses were spoiled in September. According to data from the Department of … Read more

Donostia: The Zero Poverty platform warns of the hoarding of doses by enriched countries

The Zero Poverty platform has alerted this morning in Donostia that the pandemic has become a factor that generates tremendous inequality. While in Euskadi 90% of the target population already has immunity against covid-19 in Africa, the percentage of the population that has received some dose is reduced to only 1%. “The pandemic is one … Read more

Health administers more than 25,500 vaccines this weekend

A total of 25,584 people have been vaccinated this weekend against coronavirus, especially minors, and almost the 80% of schoolchildren between 12 and 15 years old have received at least one dose. In the absence of two days for the official start of the school year in Euskadi, which will take place this Wednesday the … Read more