Russia Tests 320 Types of Weapons in Syria, Its Weapons Business Secrets Selling Well

loading… MOSCOW – Military Russia tested more than 320 types of weapons during their operations in Syria . The statement was made by the Russian Minister of Defense (Menhan) Sergei Shoigu, reported by the Russian News Agency (TASS). “We examined more than 320 different types of weapons, including, by the way, your helicopter,” Shoigu said … Read more

Turkey’s Armed Drones Sell ‘Like Hot Cakes’

loading… ANKARA – Artificially armed drones Turkey (SIHA) sold like “hot cakes” according to a French newspaper report, The world. “In recent years, Turkey has directed its military industry to produce unmanned drones and has been increasing exports every day,” the newspaper report said. The report explains, “Turkish drones, which have had success in Syria, … Read more