Coffee with the aroma of a woman: Guy Ecker, Sergio Basáñez, Eduardo Yáñez and William Levy, the gallants of all its versions

Coffee with a woman’s aroma in all its versions. (Photo: Composition) woman-fragranced coffee It has become one of the most watched series in Netflix. This new version starring William Levy, Laura Londono and Carmen Villalobos, but this is not the first time they have covered this successful Colombian telenovela. As is known, the original starred … Read more

A name change and a tragic end in Recoleta: the days of Guy Williams, el Zorro, in Argentina

He loved having coffee at La Biela and then walking through the neighborhood back to his semi-floor apartment on Ayacucho y Alvear, in Recoleta. He felt passion for Buenos Aires, for Argentina in general and for some women from these lands who fell in love with him… Although it was called Armando Joseph Catalano, it … Read more

General Kim Jong-min leaves Koyote → Moon Se-yoon asks to get off the good guy… Let’s play with Yeon Jeong-hoon 2 days 1 night

‘1 Night 2 Days’ broadcast screen Actor Yeon Jung-hoon told Moon Se-yoon to get out of ‘Delicious Guys’. Kim Jong-min left Koyote, Din-Din left the radio, and Ravi decided to resign from the company. what’s going on On the KBS2 entertainment program ‘1 Night 2 Days Season 4’, which was broadcast on the 9th, ‘Romantic … Read more

Constant disappointment? The sexologist sees our repeated mistake in relationships all the time: After the breakup, we are convinced that we no longer want such a guy and then?

We’ll find something similar anyway! It would be nice to realize all the mistakes after the breakup of the relationship and never repeat the same. But we are unteachable in love. Although we can learn and change our behavior, we will not change our personality. Why do women make the same mistakes in relationships? If … Read more

Ji Hyun-woo Am I just a bad guy, take responsibility? Drunk with Park Se-hee, serious Gentleman and lady

‘Gentleman and Lady’ (Photo = Broadcast screen capture) ‘Gentleman and Lady’ Ji Hyun-woo blamed Lee Se-hee. In the KBS 2TV weekend drama ‘Gentleman and Lady’, which was broadcast on the afternoon of the 26th, Lee Young-guk (Ji Hyun-woo) and Jo Jo-ra (Park Ha-na) were on a date that he did not like and then got … Read more

“There’s a guy on TV with a family name who would prefer Hapsatou to be called Corinne” (video)

The winner of The Voice in 2016 has unveiled his last song. And it risks making people talk. Slimane surprised more than one a few days ago. The French singer has indeed published a video on Youtube unveiling a new song entitled “BREF, I need a break”. A song about politics and today’s society. The … Read more

Pelt’s deal with Sparta is considered suspicious by Slavia. Tough guy rages, counts the share

He is twenty-one years old, his name is Tomáš Čvančara, he measures 190 centimeters and the biggest optimists see him as a football striker with the perspective of the new Patrik Schick. Five autumn goals in the league and a total of 4 in the European Cups significantly increased the attacker’s attractiveness on the transfer … Read more

Lindsey chases armed robber from her hair salon with a vase: “That guy picked the wrong one” (Wachtebeke)

Lindsey waved a vase like a hammer. — © cte Wachtebeke – A minor, armed with a knife, raided hair salon Different Hair on Saturday afternoon in the center of Wachtebeke. The manageress (35) kept a cool head and was able to chase the robber out of her business while yelling and waving a vase. … Read more

Operation Fortune, Jason Statham, Josh Hartnett, Hugh Grant and the first trailer for Guy Ritchie’s film

We have nothing to worry about – we love Guy Ritchie, although we know exactly what to expect from each of his films. And maybe that’s why. For now, however, he managed to surprise us a bit with Operation Fortune – it also features Josh Hartnett, who had just missed us. The man who wants … Read more

Li Liren Tao Jingying’s first appearance in Hua Deng Tao Jingying “Hyun Fu” supports Li Li Ren in “The First Light in Hua Deng” plays the bad guy, and loves deeply after 16 years of marriage: No matter how late it is, I will wait for you

Li Liren, who plays the role of Brother Biao, subverts the previous image with his full-strength and real acting skills This year’s most discussed ramming drama “The First Light”, not only assembled the largest cast in Taiwan, each supporting role is the protagonist level, the wonderful suspenseful plot, the exquisite and exquisite setting of the … Read more