Drinking wine as water is also anemic for big guys – 20230327 – BEAUTY & STYLE

【Ming Pao News】When we talk about anemia, we always think of weak girls, but it turns out that big guys and young children are also likely to be anemic. Anemia can be solved not only by drinking a glass of jujube water or sawing a piece of steak, but there are health warning signs hidden … Read more

Mohamed slapped in front of the judge: My wife is talking to guys on WhatsApp

Muhammad resided. S., 37 years old, a doctor, filed a lawsuit before the Family Court in Heliopolis, asking to divorce his wife, as a result of the harm he suffered that made him lose confidence in her, justifying, “I am afraid for my children because of her improper behavior, and I want a way for … Read more

Cupra, guys, good Tag! Born with a large battery will go further, but carry less

More horses and more energy are offered by the new version of the electric Cupra Born with the moniker e-Boost. The Spaniards put a lot of fun into her wine, at the same time relieving the driver of anxiety about the short range. But something for something applies here as well. The Cupra brand only … Read more

These Stocks Are Not Canned, Guys!

JAKARTA, investor.id – , JCI remained in the green zone in trading session I, Monday (6/3/2023). JCI closed only edged up 1.67 points (0.02%) to a level of 6,815.31. When the JCI only edged up, these stocks didn’t make a lot of money, guys! That’s because these shares shot up to 16%. Not only that, … Read more

Except for Yoo Min-sang… Get off ‘Delicious Guys’

delicious guys Except for comedian Min-sang Yoo, all the members of ‘Delicious Guys’ are leaving. On the 3rd, IHQ announced, “The delicious guys are coming back in April” and “Moon Se-yoon is with us until today’s broadcast. “Guests will appear for 4 episodes starting from episode 420,” he added, adding, “We are considering a new … Read more

Chery backstabs the Great Wall Jietu Traveler real car debut: more than 100,000 “tough guys” debut–fast technology–technology changes the future

On the evening of March 1, Chery Jietu’s new urban SUVtravelerOfficially unveiled, the car is a mass-produced version of the T-1 concept car, positioned as a medium-sized SUV, which was designed by former Porsche design director Hakan Saracoglu. The new car is the same as the Jietu Dasheng, which is built based on the Kunlun … Read more

“Marvel’s Midnight Children” releases the latest expansion content “Good Guys, Bad Guys, Undead” and the mouth-watering mercenary “Deadpool” makes a grand debut “Marvel’s Midnight Suns” – Bahamut

2K and Marvel Entertainment have announced that the card tactical role-playing game “Marvel Midnight Children(Marvel’s Midnight Suns) “The first expansion after the launch of “Good Guys, Bad Guys, Undead” has been released on Windows PC (Steam / Epic Games Store), PS5 and Xbox Series X|S platforms, bringing new The hero “Deadpool” can be recruited. “Good … Read more