Artificial Planet Earth Successfully Found, Potentially Habitable

An artificial planet of Earth has been found. The mission to find artificial planets similar to Earth outside the solar system (exoplanets) has paid off. Scientists in the world managed to find a number of planets similar to Earth, but are these planets habitable? Scientists have discovered nearly 2,000 alien planets since 1995. NASA’s Kepler … Read more

7 Earth-made planets from time to time, which ones are habitable?

<!– –> Scientists have identified WDJ2147-4035 as the oldest white dwarf contaminated with the mineral (Image source: ANI) Astronomers led by the University of Warwick have discovered the oldest star in the Milky Way. The oldest rocky and icy planetary systems collect debris from orbiting planets. The researchers came to the conclusion that the faint … Read more

7 Artificial Planet Earth Over Time, Which Is Habitable?

Jakarta – Scientists in the world have discovered several planets similar to Earth. Are they livable? Since 1995, scientists have discovered nearly 2,000 alien planets. The discovery was made by NASA’s Kepler space telescope on a mission to discover how many Earth-like planets exist in the entire Milky Way galaxy. To qualify for a habitable … Read more

The search for habitable planets may have just waned

Sign up for CNN’s Wonder Theory newsletter. Explore the universe with news about amazing discoveries, scientific advances and more. CNN– Searching for planets that could harbor life Perhaps greatly reduced. Scientists have long hoped and theoretical That the most common type of star in our universe – called an M dwarf – could host nearby … Read more