Bjorka Doxing, Head of BSSN and Gives Message to Indonesian Citizens

Jakarta – After a long absence, Bjorka hackers back in action today. Through his Telegram account and posts on Breached Forums, Bjorka whose whereabouts are unknown, spreading personal data aka doxing against head of BSSN (National Cyber ​​and Crypto Agency), Hinsa Siburian. In the post on Telegram, Bjorka posted a photo of Hinsa in an … Read more

Bjorka suddenly lies down, being chased by the police

Jakarta – It’s been almost a week since Bjorka hackers last appeared to the public via Telegram groups and posts on the Breached forum, and until now Bjorka hasn’t shown his presence yet, still lying down. On the other hand, the police are still trying to catch him. Finally, he appeared through his Telegram group, … Read more

Bjorka Tracked and Chased by Layered Articles

Jakarta – Law enforcement officials are still investigating the case of data leakage by Bjorka hackers. However, he was actually caught in his position from an unexpected source and unfortunately not the police. There are a number of new developments from the Bjorka hacker case. This is the latest news as compiled by detikINET, Thursday … Read more

Bjorka Location Revealed due to Kopdar with Fans?

Jakarta – Location Bjorka hackers may be revealed after doing a ground coffee (kopdar) with a user Breachforums named Emo. Where? This was revealed in a thread on the dark forum site, where Emo claimed to have just met Bjorka. “So I met @Bjorka today,” he wrote in the thread’s title. In his post, Emo … Read more

How Sophisticated Are Madiun Youth Cell Phones Suspected of Bjorka’s Helper?

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Youth from Madiun, East Java, MAH (21) with cellphones to help data leakers Bjorka by selling the Bjorkanesian Telegram channel. How advanced is the phone? MAH’s supervisor at work, Zeda Dwi Hersanto, said that the cellphone owned by MAH was the Xiaomi Redmi note 10 pro, which was purchased at a … Read more

Police Call Suspect in Bjorka’s “Hacker” Case Can Still Increase

JAKARTA, – The Indonesian National Police (Polri) is still investigating the hacking case carried out by the Indonesian National Police hacker Bjorka. The Head of the National Police Public Relations Division, Inspector General Dedi Prasetyo, said the number of suspects related to Bjorka could still increase. “Yes, of course (there is a possibility other … Read more

When the Country Hunts Bjorka Hackers… Page all – Hacker name Bjorka the last few weeks have been talked about. How not, hacker it has leaked data on Indonesian citizens several times on the site Breached Forums.Not only that, Bjorka also sent a message to the Indonesian government to stop being stupid. Read also: Hacker’s Reply Message to Kominfo, Stop Being an … Read more

Expert Asks Indonesian Government to Follow Malaysia, Apologizes for Leaking Data

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — SAFEnet executive director Damar Juniarto said it was important for the government to apologize for various data leak to restore public trust. “Apologies are important. First, we must restore the trust of citizens who now feel that their rights have been neglected,” Damar said in an Emergency Personal Data Protection event … Read more