Coronavirus ONLINE: Violent finish of a demonstration in The Hague. And a record 22,936 cases per day in the Czech Republic

There is another Saturday report related to coronavirus: Demonstrations against the epidemic in The Hague turned violent in the evening. Protesters set fire to cars and threw stones and other objects at police officers. This is reported by the AFP agency. Friday’s demonstration in Rotterdam turned out similarly. Hundreds of people took to the streets … Read more

The broadcast of October 24: The Hague is heading for longest formation ever / Bolsonaro and his climate policy / Australia goes for climate neutral after all

The Hague is heading for longest formation ever The parties will continue to form during the autumn recess. What tricky points are on the table? Why had the current coalition become a rusted car? We discuss the state of affairs with a political reporter Arjan Noorlander. This article contains a video. 13:28 The Hague is … Read more

Last Extinction Rebellion activists in The Hague removed

October 11, 11:20 am • 8 minutes reading time Police clear protesters from intersection © Regio15 THE HAGUE – The climate action group Extinction Rebellion is demonstrating daily in The Hague this week. On Monday at noon, the action group started the first blockades in the vicinity of the House of Representatives and the Koningstunnel. … Read more

Ethical hackers attack the municipality of The Hague

The municipality of The Hague today invites ethical hackers to attack the digital infrastructure of the municipality. About 200 hackers from home and abroad try to get into certain websites and environments of the municipality, where this is normally prohibited. Through ethical hacking, the municipality finds out how secure the systems are. “They help the … Read more

A lot of nuisance expected: A12 to The Hague closed for nine days | Inland

The reason that the busy arterial road is closing is that major maintenance is being carried out. Where necessary, new matrix signs and detection loops will be installed, repairs will be carried out on viaducts and defective lighting, and mowing will take place. Between Woerden and Reeuwijk, the worn asphalt will be replaced by noise-reducing … Read more

World laughs at ‘mafia boss’ in The Hague who turned out to be an F1 fan Abroad

On Wednesday evening, seven police cars suddenly appeared in front of restaurant Het Pleidooi in The Hague. Officers with guns drawn. One of the guests is blindfolded and taken to the highly secured EBI (Extra Secure Institution) in Vught. He stays there for three days. It should have been Italian mafia boss and top criminal … Read more

Woman (24) from The Hague died after being hit in France

The Public Prosecution Service (OM) in France does not want to say anything to Omroep West about the collision. La République du Centre, a French newspaper, reports that the 30-year-old suspect from Orleans has admitted that he had ‘a few drinks’ that evening. Furthermore, according to the newspaper, he stated that he felt something at … Read more

still administrative irregularities. The Hague stops two more whistles

After the Easter and La Penna cases, the Serie A referees stopped for administrative irregularities, The Hague suspends two other Italian whistles of the highest category: they are Piero Giacomelli and Davide Massa. As reported by the Gazzetta dello Sport, these are measures always taken in the orbit of the “refund case”. Writes the rosea: … Read more

Suriname Festival in The Hague is canceled this year

The organization behind the Suriname Festival, Stichting Insaaf Nederland, has decided to cancel the Suriname Festival in The Hague this year. The situation with corona in the Netherlands throws a spanner in the works. “With the current Corona rules and the new Delta variant, it is almost no longer possible to organize the festival in … Read more