These three rouches “hairdressers” who should finally get their chance on Tuesday

Three players who have yet to start a game for Standard this season are expected to start on Tuesday night. Silence, it turns. For their first Croky Cup match, Standard are expected to rotate. A little rotation. For Luka Elsner, given the obligation of result, there is necessarily a need to maintain a certain framework … Read more

Ban on shaving beards for hairdressers in Afghanistan | Abroad

Yesterday barbers in Helmand received a letter signed by the Ministry of Promoting Virtue and Combating Immorality stating that they are not allowed to touch beards. Doing so will result in punishment and public humiliation for both the hairdresser and the client. This is reported by Afghan journalist Bilal Sarwary in a tweet. Text continues … Read more

Hairdressers warn of dye allergies after contracting Covid-19

British hairdressers report that some of their clients, those who have contracted the coronavirus, have shown signs of allergic reactions (rashes and burns) to hair dye Hairdressers across the UK have alerted scientists to a possible link between new allergies on the scalp, ears, neck, throat and coronavirus. Clients reportedly came to dye their hair … Read more

Spanish hairdressers want to pass on high electricity bills to customers

There is unrest in Spain about the rapidly rising electricity price. On Thursday, the price for a megawatt hour (MWh) climbed to a record high of 188 euros, although the price fell slightly again today. More and more Spaniards are getting into trouble because of the price increase. A year ago, electricity in Spain cost … Read more

With the loosening of covid measures, some companies became more expensive. But there are also items that hold the price – ČT24 – Czech Television

The old pigsty in Písečná in the Jindřichův Hradec region was demolished and a new farm was built in its place, and six hundred sows are kept there. Every year, they have a total of over twenty thousand piglets and sell meat in their own shop to people from the area. For the most part, … Read more

Hairdressers infected with coronavirus worked in masks and avoided contagion of 139 clients without knowing it – World

The coronavirus pandemic gave the world stories of overcoming, unusual and even curious. This is the case of two hairdressers at a salon in Springfield, Missouri. According to a report by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the two hairdressers were infected with coronavirus. Without knowing it, they continued to work in masks. … Read more

Hairdressers are happy with relaxation, but small catering establishments are becoming increasingly difficult NOW

The trade association for hairdressers is “initially especially pleased” with the relaxation of the corona measures, and the trade association for beauticians is also very pleased with it. However, the catering industry is less enthusiastic: especially small cafes and restaurants are being squeezed in this way, according to the trade association. They can open again … Read more

Hairdresser opening in Lower Austria: New work routine and customer rush – Coronavirus Vienna

2.05.2020 15:20 (Act. 2.05.2020 15:20) In the corona crisis, hairdressers need a new work routine. © APA (icon image) In a hairdressing salon in Zwettl there is a hectic hustle and bustle after the seven-week break. The reopening brings full appointments, but also new work routine for the employees. On the reopening day after almost … Read more

Last minute developments when hairdressers and barbers will open!

With the gradual approach to the feast, the issue that many citizens are investigating has become the question of when hairdressers and barbers will open. Hairdressers and barbers who have to take a break from their services due to coronavirus measures will remain closed until a second circular is issued within the scope of the … Read more