After leaving the KPK after 12 hours of questioning, Maming immediately attacked Haji Isam

Thursday, 02 June 2022 – 23:17 WIB Mardani H. Maming underwent nearly 12 hours of examination by KPK investigators. Photo: Fathan, JAKARTA – Chairman of HIPMI, Mardani H. Maming, has completed nearly 12 hours of examination at the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK). Maming left the lobby of the anti-corruption agency at around 22.30 WIB. … Read more

Related Problems with Haji Isam

Jakarta – General Treasurer (Bendum) PBNU, Mardani H Maming, has been investigated by the KPK. He admitted that he was investigated by the KPK related to problems with the owner of PT Jhonlin Group, Samsudin Andi Arsyad alias Haji Isam. “Yes, I am present here as an examination of the information provider of the investigation, … Read more

Rare Cooking Oil, Haji Isam Builds a Migor Factory with a Capacity of 160 Tons per Day

ILLUSTRATION. South Kalimantan entrepreneur Andi Syamsudin Arsyad (Haji Isam) Source: | Editor: Yudho Winarto KONTAN.CO.ID – ​JAKARTA. The scarcity of cooking oil that has occurred recently has become a common sight in various regions. The wealthy businessman from South Kalimantan (South Kalimantan) Andi Syamsudin Arsyad alias Haji Isam did not remain silent in responding … Read more

Haji Isam Company Builds 160 Ton/Day Cooking Oil Factory

Jakarta – PT Jhonlin Group, a company owned by Samsudin Andi Arsyad alias Haji Isam build a cooking oil factory in Tanah Bumbu Regency, South Kalimantan. Through his business unit, PT Jhonlin Agro Raya (JAR), Haji Isam built a cooking oil factory with a capacity of 160 tons per day. Quoting Antara, Director of PT … Read more

Haji Isam Business Kingdom, Owner of a Rp2 T Factory Just Inaugurated by Jokowi

The PT Jhonlin Agro Raya biodiesel processing plant in South Kalimantan which was inaugurated by President Jokowi, Thursday (21/10/2021). PT Jhonlin Agro Raya is owned by entrepreneur Haji Isam whose name was caught in the bribery case of a tax official, Angin Prayitno Aji. (Source: Setpres/Agus Suparto) JAKARTA, COMPASS.TV– President Joko Widodo has just inaugurated … Read more

Haji Isam, Crazy Rich South Kalimantan whose factory was inaugurated by Jokowi

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Owner of PT Jhonlin Group Samsudin Andi Arsyad alias Haji Isam many have been discussed in recent times. Factory palm His property, which is located in Tanah Bumbu, South Kalimantan, has just been inaugurated directly by President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) on Thursday (21/10). Jokowi also appreciated the steps taken by the … Read more

The KPK is angry when the witness is silent because Haji Isam is being policed

Jakarta – Crazy rich name from South Kalimantan (South Kalimantan), Samsudin Andi Arsyad alias Haji Isam, is being discussed in the aftermath of allegations of involvement in a bribery case related to tax engineering that is being investigated by the KPK. However Haji Isam flatly dismissed. Before discussing further about Haji Isam, it is better … Read more

Jhonlin Baratama Promises IDR 50 Billion to Angin Prayitno

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — PT Jhonlin Baratama said to be involved in the alleged tax bribery case with the defendant a former official of the Directorate General (DG) of Taxes Wind Prayitno Aji and Dadan Ramdani. Through a tax consultant named Agus Susetyo, the company owned by Haji Isam is said to have promised Rp50 … Read more