Issuance of the final verdict in Hala Al-Turk’s mother’s challenge to her daughter’s custody.. Thus, Mona Al-Saber was suspended!

Al-Marsad newspaper: The Court of Cassation in the Kingdom of Bahrain refused to accept the appeal submitted by Mona Al-Saber, against the ruling on the custody of her daughter, young actress Hala Al-Turk, and her brother to their father, producer Mohammed Al-Turk, which was issued by the Court of Appeal. The ruling is considered final … Read more

Hala Shiha responds with a photo to her father’s controversial statements.. and denies removing the veil

A wide controversy was caused by the statements of the plastic artist Ahmed Shiha, the father of the artist Hala Shiha, who confirmed that his daughter took off the hijab and did not return to it, despite what was reported that she wore it after her marriage to the preacher Moez Masoud. Which was shared … Read more

Hala Al-Turk returns to school and publishes her first pictures at the university

The Bahraini actress postedHala Al TurkPictures of her on her personal account on the social networking site while she is at the university after an absence due to the Corona pandemic. And a solution appeared while she was sitting on a chair in one of the classes and wearing a mask due to her commitment … Read more

After a resounding crisis with Hala Shiha.. Tamer Hosni announces the highest revenue in cinema history

The Egyptian star Tamer Hosni announced, on Friday, that his movie “Mesh Anna” achieved the highest revenues for an Arab film in the history of Egyptian and Arab cinema, in a precedent that had not happened before, days after the crisis between him and the film’s heroine, Hala Shiha, who was Social media talk for … Read more

Sabreen, in the video, what Hala Shiha did is suspicious and mysterious, “and there is a wrong need,” madam

The artist commented Sabrina On the last stand of her co-star Hala Shiha, stressing that she understands that some stars are exposed to a psychological disorder that pushes them to retire and wear the veil, and that she herself was subjected to the same pressures previously, but Sabreen stopped in front of Hala Shiha’s hostile … Read more

Randa Al-Behairi apologizes to Hala Shiha’s father for this reason

12:08 PM Thursday, July 22, 2021 Books – Hani Saber: The artist, Randa El-Behairy, sent a message to the artist The artist Ahmed Shiha, after the statements of his daughter, the artist, Hala Shiha, after her attack and repudiated her from the clip “I Love You”. Randa Al-Behairy published a picture of the plastic artist … Read more

Watch: Randa El-Behairy’s attack on Hala Shiha ignites the artistic community

Actress Randa El-Beheiry launched a major attack on her fellow Egyptian artist, Hala Shiha, after her recent crisis with artist Tamer Hosni because of the clip “Bahebak” from the movie “Mesh Ana”. Randa wrote, through her account on the social networking site (Facebook): “Ok, I went back to my words, and agreed that what I … Read more

Hala Shiha responds to her father: Why is every religious person considered my brothers? No one kidnapped me

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – The Egyptian artist, Hala Shiha, responded to the statements of her father, plastic artist Ahmed Shiha, on Saturday, stressing that she chose her husband and made her decision regarding art without pressure, denying the existence of his attempts to “kidnap” her intellectually by some party. Shiha, who sparked controversy … Read more

Ashraf Zaki: The topic of Hala Shiha is over, “I swear to God, my right will not be lost.”

The artist Ashraf Zaki, the captain of the acting professions, said that he received insults and insults from the dark currents, after his position on the removal of the artist Hala Shiha from the union, explaining that he submitted a report against those who insulted him and stabbed his family, continuing: Pointing out that these … Read more