“Piazza Navona horrid, the Befana looks like Halloween”

Piazza Navona on January 6th it filled up of families and tourists, many even coming from far away just to watch the flight of the old lady helped by the firefighters. Not everyone, however, liked the festive atmosphere. Paolo Crepet, psychiatrist and sociologist, a well-known face on Italian television and often invited by talk shows … Read more

South Korea approves motion to dismiss interior and security minister over Halloween tragedy

The National Assembly of South Korea today approved a motion to resign the Minister of Interior and Security, Lee Sang Min, for the Government’s failed response to the disaster during Halloween in Itaewon, in which 158 people died. The vote had 182 votes in favor and one vote declared invalid when 150 votes were needed … Read more

“Elon will be jealous”, “Pretty”. 34-year-old ex-lover Mask starred in full growth without underwear and clothes

34 year old artist posed in full growth, standing sideways to the camera in a helmet with a sword in her hands. In the first picture, she retouched intimate places, and left the second picture uncensored. “Never got around to posting my Halloween costume,” Grimes wrote. “What suit? Girlfriend, you’re naked like the day you … Read more

Cop involved in Korean Halloween drama found dead in home | Abroad

A South Korean police officer under investigation in connection with the Halloween drama in Seoul, which killed 156 people last month, was found dead on Friday. The 55-year-old intelligence officer lay dead in his home in the capital, police said. The police officer nicknamed Jeong was found dead by a family member around 12:45 p.m. … Read more

Itaewon Halloween Tragedy News, 6 People Targeted as Suspects All

KOMPAS.com – The special investigation division is looking for the cause behind Itaewon tragedy narrowing the investigation to the police. The police team has identified six suspects. This was done after South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol criticized the police leadership for being slow to respond to public reports. Reported from Korea HeraldWednesday (11/9/2022), a … Read more

The Roles and Positions of 6 Suspects in the Itaewon Halloween Tragedy

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — A total of six people have been named as suspects by the South Korean (South Korean) police investigation team in the case of halloween tragedy at district ItaewonSeoul, last Saturday (29/10). Spokesman for the investigation team Kim Dong Wook revealed the roles and positions of the six people who had been … Read more

Khalfan criticizes “allowing Muslims to celebrate Halloween” and tweets about “confronting evil”

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Lieutenant-General Dhahi Khalfan, Deputy Chief of Dubai Police criticized “allowing Muslims to celebrate Halloween”, describing them as “satanic celebrations with all the meaning of this word out of the ordinary.” This came in a series of tweets by Khalfan on his official Twitter page, where he said: “Allowing Muslims … Read more

The influenced: Jeremstar’s sensational entrance to his Halloween party

This week, influencers also celebrated Halloween. Nicolas Fresco has listed their most surprising outfits: we could see Léa Mary as a sexy murderous rabbit, Bastos as a dominator all dressed in leather and Maeva Ghennam as a zombie. But this year, Jeremstar is the king of Halloween: he organized a big party in a monastery … Read more

Yasmine Abdel Aziz publishes a comic picture to celebrate Halloween

08:06 PM Friday 04 November 2022 Books – Wael Tawfik: The artist, Yasmine Abdel Aziz, shared with her fans and followers a picture with a “comedy” filter to celebrate Halloween, through the “Short Stories” feature on her account on the Instagram photo-sharing site. It is noteworthy that the latest work of the artist, Yasmine Abdel … Read more

Megan Fox as Princess Zelda

Megan Fox opted for several different looks for Halloween. Initially she and her partner Machine Gun Kelly played Pamela Anderson and her ex-husband Tommy Lee. Then the model poses with a blonde wig and a short dress in red and pink. New photos show that Megan has also transformed into another lady – the heroine … Read more