Kissin popcorn by Mohamed Ramadan and Hama Beca

Nana Qassem 8 rare pieces of the late great artist Hind Rostom’s jewelry were sold at an auction in Geneva. The pieces were sold for approximately $110,000, which is equivalent to 2 million Egyptian pounds, meaning that the wealth of a great artist the size of Henderstom has been working and serving art for more … Read more

He refused to take pictures with him and beat him… Hama Beca smashes the face of a “fan”

A new crisis is chasing Egyptian festival singer, Hamo BekaA decision was issued by the First Amreya Public Prosecution in Alexandria to seize and bring the singer and his bodyguard, after accusing them of assaulting a fan who requested filming with the artist, but the latter refused. In the details, Major General Mahmoud Abu Amra, … Read more

Syria, after 37 years Bashar Assad allows his uncle Rifaat, the butcher of Hama, to return home

from Marta Serafini President Hafez’s brother was in exile in France, where he is accused of embezzlement and tax fraud and risks the appropriation of assets for 90 million euros The butcher from Hama returns home. Syrian President Bashar al Assad allowed to his uncle Rifaat, who was in danger of being arrested in France, … Read more

Egypt .. Hama Beka raises controversy again because of his wife’s “gift” to him! • Al Marsad newspaper

Al-Marsad newspaper: Egyptian festivals singer Hamu Beka sparked controversy because of his statements about the price of a gift given to him by his wife, which is a gold “chain”.Beca said during an interview on the “Al-Trabeza” program, which is broadcast on Al-Shams channel, that he likes to wear gold jewelry a lot. He pointed … Read more

Hama Beka outperformed Amr Diab and challenged Hani Shaker… and a scandal with a girl in a disgraceful situation

It sparked controversy since its first appearance on social mediaHamo BecaHe presented popular songs of the quality of festivals, and despite the attack on him and his description of the low artistic taste of the Egyptians, but he became one of the most important stars in search of the Internet, and his songs got a … Read more

The first comment from the musicians after Hama Beka’s statements about drinking whiskey

01:35 PM Sunday 01 August 2021 I wrote – Manal El-Gioshy: Festival singer Hamu Beka’s statement, in which he said that he does not take drugs, but drinks alcohol from time to time, sparked a great controversy. A source from the Syndicate of Musical Professions told Masrawy that the Syndicate has nothing to do with … Read more

Summary – Hama Beca in “The Artistic Center”: I don’t know how to sleep because of fame and no one drinks alcohol because of your stomach and I suffer from this disease | news

Festival singer Hamo Beka was a guest on the “Al Wasat Al Fanni” program, which is shown on Al Hadath Al Youm channel. Hama Beca spoke about his recent crises and stations in his life before reaching fame, and here are his most prominent statements: We recommend: The truth about Hussein Fahmy’s marriage to Pamela … Read more

Dumped into the Lake, Goldfish Become Giant and Dangerous

Minnesota – Goldfish Ornamental looks interesting to maintain at home. However, it turns out that if dumped or released into lakes or rivers, these goldfish can grow very large and become a dangerous problem for the environment. This case occurred in Burnsville, Minnesota, United States, precisely on Lake Keller. Authorities there said several giant goldfish … Read more

Hama Beca resorted to him to enter the Syndicate of Musical Professions.. Who is the Maester

08:01 AM Monday 05 July 2021 Books – Mustafa Hamza: Before and after opening the door for festival performer Hama Beka to enter the Syndicate of Musical Professions, the controversy over his eligibility to obtain its membership did not end, and during his telephone interview with the journalist Sherif Amer, “Beca” confirmed that he had … Read more

Witness: Hama Beka shocked his fans with this decision after he was suspended from work

Festivals singer Hamo Beka did not back down after the decision of the Syndicate of Musical Professions, artist Hani Shaker, to prevent him from singing. The festival singer surprised his followers on his own account on the social networking site (Facebook) by ignoring the decision issued against him and taking a new step completely away … Read more