Impressive Hamilton-Verstappen fight in Brazil: British benefactor raises tension in title race

Hamilton, who received two fines in two days, dominated the Interlagos track on Sunday and defeated the remaining champion, M. Verstappen, after a tenacious fight. Having achieved one of the most impressive victories of his career, Hamilton has reduced the gap with Verstappen to 14 points. There are races left in Qatar, Saudi Arabia and … Read more

The tight competition between Hamilton-Verstappen could end up crashing again

Jakarta – Competition Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen win the world title Formula 1 this season is going so fiercely, and it is believed there will be a ‘collision’ next. Hamilton and Verstappen both failed to finish at GP Italy after colliding at the first chicane of the Monza Circuit, last Sunday (12/9). Verstappen’s tire … Read more

Hamilton-Verstappen incident deterred Norris from attacking Ricciardo

Last weekend at the Italian Grand Prix, McLaren signed a historic performance by returning to victory for the first time since 2012, also achieving its first double since 2010 with Daniel Ricciardo before Lando Norris. This performance was facilitated by the collision of the two title contenders Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton at the halfway … Read more

F1, “The Hamilton-Verstappen accident cost Red Bull 1.5 million”

The Austrian team principal returns to the contact between the Mercedes driver and Verstappen at the British GP: “Light penalty for this type of accident” In the home race, Hamilton won despite the 10 second penalty due to contact with Max Verstappen. The Dutchman went off the track and brutally crashed into the barriers. Nothing … Read more

Alonso and Leclerc Comment on Hamilton-Verstappen Incident

Hamilton and Verstappen became a byword. Competition for the title this season was made even hotter after the two were involved in an incident in the British GP. On the first lap of the race, Sunday (18/7/2021), Hamilton and Verstappen immediately fought for the leading position. The competition is so tight, both of them are … Read more