Ahmed Fahmy on the rumors of his separation from Hana Al-Zahid: I told her that you are not married to Abu Trika

Ahmed Alaa Posted on: Friday, November 19, 2021 – 6:31 AM | Last update: Saturday 20 November 2021 – 1:24 AM The artist, Ahmed Fahmy, said that there are baseless rumors circulating from time to time about his separation from his wife, the artist Hana Al-Zahid. He added, during his meeting with the “Ink Secret” … Read more

Do you remember the artist “Rabab Kanaan”, the heroine of the series Jamil and Hana.. See how she looked after a long absence

Al-Marsad newspaper: The heroine of the Jameel and Hana series, artist Rabab Kanaan, surprised the audience with her first appearance after a long absence, as the picture revealed her changing features. This is the first appearance of Canaan after she announced her retirement with a post she wrote on her personal page on the social … Read more

Do you remember “Miss Warda” from the series “Jamil and Hana”? Watch how you became today with blonde hair!-Picture

A picture of the retired Syrian actress spread on social mediaRabab CanaanShe looked differently through her appearance, as she adopted blond hair and put on medical glasses. The public was surprised by the great change in her appearance, years after her disappearance from the artistic scene, as she is today the owner of a beauty … Read more

Zagorová after the collapse – her husband already has a replacement! Hana was represented by this beauty!

While Hana Zagorová is still staying after the collapse in the hospital, where she received new blood, her husband, opera singer Štefan Margita, christened his brand new album. On the right track. The baptism took place in the Dancing House in Prague and instead of Hanka it was finally baptized only by the beautiful presenter … Read more

Hana Zagorová: The real reason for canceling the concerts has been revealed!

Coronavirus has made Hana Zagor a good line over budget. At first, she contracted it, recovered relatively, but at the most inopportune time, when the musicians could perform again, he began to complicate her life again. Hana Zagorová recently announced to fans that she must cancel all concerts for health reasons until the end of … Read more

We didn’t expect so many people, the golden Lipták was amazed. Then he sang Hana Zagorová’s hit

Jiří Lipták had a lifetime success when he won the qualification in a trap and subsequently won the Olympic finals. David Kostelecký has gold since Beijing in 2008 and has now added a silver medal. Fans appreciated their unprecedented success. There was no lack of chanting or confetti, and both shooters even sang Hana Zagorová’s … Read more

Hana .. a knight in the “sixty-sixth”

Tokyo (AFP)At the Tokyo Olympics, attention will be focused on some young giant athletes, such as American swimmer Katie Ledecky, who broke 14 world records, before reaching her twenty-first year, and still holds three of them in her twenty-fourth year, but there are some athletes who deserve recognition, not Because of their athletic achievements, but … Read more

In pictures.. Hana Al-Zahid celebrates her mother’s discharge from the hospital

12:40 PM Thursday 17 June 2021 I wrote – Manal El-Gioshy: The artist Hana Al-Zahid and her sister, the artist Farah Al-Zahid, celebrated the discharge of their mother, Sherine Al-Zahid, from the hospital, after undergoing surgery to remove a tumor. And “Hana”, through the “Al-Astori” feature on her official account on the Instagram website, published … Read more

[VIDEO] BIN clarification about Tiktok Hana Hanifah Joget

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – A video featuring Hana Hafifah in the Tiktok dance with several men in viral uniforms on social media. In the video, the FTV artist is dancing in a room with a logo State Intelligence Agency (BIN) behind him. Responding to this, BIN Deputy VII Wawan Purwanto clarified the video upload. Wawan refuted … Read more

Suspiciously Stuck, Hana Hanifah’s Party Unveiled Oddities When Arrested

IntipSeleb – Hana Hanifah shocking the public after being caught up with a man at a five-star hotel in Medan on July 13, 2020. Police said Hana was secured in a state without wearing full clothing. After conducting an investigation, Medan Polrestabes named two suspects with the initials R and J who were suspected of … Read more