Russia handed over a new batch of armored personnel carriers to Belarus

This is the third BTR-82A battalion set in Belarus. Russian armored personnel carriers were brought to Belarus / photo by the RF Ministry of Defense To Belarus On January 5, another batch of new BTR-82A arrived. In addition to the BTR-82A, the BTR-80K (commander version of the BTR-80, with the preservation of weapons and additional … Read more

Yosua’s harsh glare after the clubbing photo was handed over to Sambo’s lawyer

Jakarta – Family law advisory team former Kadiv Propam Polri Ferdy Sambo, Febri Diansyah, submitted 35 pieces of evidence, one of which was a photo of Brigadier Yosua Hutabarat in a nightclub. Joshua’s family also flicked hard at the evidence that was submitted. What did he say? Starting on Thursday (29/11/2022), the defendants Ferdy Sambo … Read more

An act of reparation in the Faculty of Medicine | The files of 140 students and graduates victims of the dictatorship were handed over

For the first time in an institutional act, the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Buenos Aires recognizes its students and graduates, detained, disappeared and murdered by State terrorism during the last civic-military dictatorship. And it does so in the person of the rector of the UBA, Ricardo Gelpi, along with the dean of … Read more

The Chilean government bought usurped land and handed it over to Mapuche communities that promoted the occupations

Two Mapuche communities would have benefited from the Conadi purchase. (Referential image) A journalistic report revealed that the Chilean state would have bought usurped land and handed it over to Mapuche communities that carried out their occupations. The information was revealed by the newspaper The Mercury and she says that, this year, the National Corporation … Read more

Totalcar – Magazine – Elon Musk handed over the first two Semis to the customer

Elon Musk introduced Tesla’s electric truck, the Semi, almost exactly five years ago. Not long after, Pepsi Co. announced that a total of a hundred pieces are ordered from it. It is true that the start of serial production kept slipping, first they promised the end of 2019, then the end of 2020 and so … Read more

A man in Ostrava found and handed over a wallet to the police. He faces two years in prison

The 27-year-old man who handed in the discovered wallet at the office in Ostrava appeared to be an honest finder. However, the owner then reported to the police, saying that he should have had a large amount of money in his purse, but it was missing. The finder then admitted to keeping the cash. In … Read more

Mass brawl of elite teams in Russia. The referee handed out six red cards

It started innocently enough. In the set time, visiting forward Quincy Promes and home striker Wilmar Barrios wanted to say something to each other. However, the striker, who played for Ajax or Sevilla, was suddenly accompanied by two other domestic players, and the referee began to sense that something bigger was about to happen. He … Read more

A man was killed by a bear in the Tatras. The Slovak court handed down a revolutionary verdict

On Monday, the regional court in Žilina awarded the family of a man who was killed by a bear in the Low Tatras last year in compensation in the amount of almost 1.5 million crowns, including the children who are already of legal age. This is a landmark judgment. The money must be paid to … Read more