A strongly-worded response after Hani Shaker was accused of preventing Kazem El-Saher from singing in Egypt

The Syndicate of Musical Professions in Egypt responded with a strongly worded statement to the news that spread strongly in the past few days about the ban of the artist Hani Shaker from holding concerts by the artist Kazem El Saher during the last decade in the land of Kenana. The Syndicate issued a statement … Read more

Hani Ramzy reveals the developments in the health of the leader, Adel Imam (video)

The artist, Hani Ramzy, revealed that he is in constant contact with the great artist, Adel Imam, who encourages him to present the second part of the movie “Stupid in it”. Hani Ramzy added, in an intervention with the media, Engy Al-Qadi, on the “evening dmc” program: “We are constantly in contact with the leader, … Read more

‘♥ Yang Jae-woong’ Hani, publicly dating for the first time on SNS, “♥♥♥”

Photo I Hani SNS Actress Hani from EXID revealed her first recent situation after admitting that they are dating. Hani recently posted a fresh selfie in jeans and a T-shirt on her Instagram, showing off her beautiful beauty. He previously reported that he was in a relationship with Yang Jae-woong, a psychiatrist who is 10 … Read more

We publish the text and photo of Hani Shaker’s official resignation from the position of captain of musicians, with his signature

“The Seventh Day” publishes the resignation of the prince of Arab singing Hani Shaker From his position as the Syndicate of Musicians, Hani Shaker officially submitted his resignation in writing and signed by hand to the Syndicate, and the text of the resignation came as follows: Gentlemen, members of the Syndicate of Musical Professions and … Read more

Hani Shaker loses the ability to speak… What actress Nadia Mustafa revealed sparked a huge uproar and shocked everyone! (exciting details)

2022/07/01 It’s 01:40 PM Island Bay | Follow Favorite The Egyptian artist, Nadia Mostafa, and a member of the Syndicate of Musical Professions, revealed that the artist, Hani Shaker, lost his speech for an hour after the decision to resign from his position in the Syndicate. Nadia Mostafa said in a statement to Cairo 24 … Read more

EXID Hani is in love!Admitted to dating a 10-year-old male doctor sweet and passionate for 2 years | ETtoday Starlight Cloud | ETtoday News Cloud

Reporter Wu Ruici/Comprehensive Report Popular South Korean actress Hani is in love! She was first exposed by a media on the 29th of her 2-year relationship with a doctor. Regarding the reporter’s inquiry, she admitted her relationship through her agency and revealed that she is currently dating a psychiatrist, Yang Jae Woong. He looked at … Read more

Egyptian artist Hani Shaker sets off a resounding surprise.. This is what I will do after my resignation!!

2022/06/29 It’s 05:40 am Island Bay | Follow Favorite Egyptian artist Hani Shaker revealed that he seeks to focus on his upcoming artistic projects and spend more time with his family, after he decided yesterday to submit his resignation from his position as captain of the musical professions in Egypt. Hani Shaker confirmed in press … Read more

How to overcome the current economic crisis? .. Advice from expert Hani Tu

02:01 PM Monday 20 June 2022 Economist Hani Tawfiq Rosheta provided tips for dealing with the current economic crisis resulting from the repercussions of the Ukrainian war and Western sanctions on Russia. Hani Tawfik said, during his meeting with the “A Final Word with Lamis Al Hadidi” program on “ON” channel, that his advice to … Read more

When the family discovered what Hani was sharing on social media, he was ostracized

Growing up, Hani Assaf (36) was a victim of bullying at school in his home country of Lebanon. The parents realized early on that their son had a different orientation than they had wanted. In the reality series Drags on TV 2 Play, Assaf tells openly about what it was like to leave life in … Read more

After a year and a half of marriage!.. Musician Hani Muhanna reveals details of a rumored fact that his daughter Hanadi has divorced from her husband, Ahmed Khaled Saleh! !

The musician, artist Hani Muhanna, is from Anbar, who has been rumored from time to time about the separation of his daughter, artist Hanadi Muhanna, from her husband, artist Ahmed Khaled Saleh, after a year and a half of their marriage. Hani Muhanna denied these rumors and described them in words, saying that all these … Read more