Video..Show Oka’s reaction to Hani Shaker’s decision to prevent him from singing

The festivals singer Oka was keen to comment on the decision of the captain of the musical professions, artist Hani Shaker, which he issued at the beginning of this year, which included preventing Oka from singing, as his name was included in the list of names that were prevented from singing or reviving concerts. During … Read more

FilGoal | News | Muhammad Hani: This is what I meant by the statement “children”

Al-Ahly player Mohamed Hani explained what he meant by his statement after the end of his team’s match against Haras al-Hodoud on Monday evening. Hani tweeted on his Twitter account: “To clarify: What is meant by 9-year-olds is someone who insults my mother and father after every match, whether I am good or not … … Read more

FilGoal | News | The expected formation of Al-Ahly – Hani is essential … and Badeji leads the attack against Zamalek

Rene Fyler, the Swiss coach of Al-Ahly club, settled on the formation closest to facing Zamalek. Al-Ahly formation will witness the presence of Aliu Badji as the main striker, while Ayman Ashraf will play alongside Yasser Ibrahim in the defense line. On the other hand, Fyler prefers between the participation of Hamdi Fathi in the … Read more

Ahmed Flux attacks Hani Shaker and the artists after Mustafa Hafnawi’s obituary: “Adequacy of trading”

For suggestions of places to go out Artist Ahmed Flux became angry with the influencer artists Mustafa Hafnawi, who left our world, on Monday, at the age of 25, pointing accusations against them, describing their position as “trafficking in human beings”. Flux wondered about the reasons for the workers in the artistic community ignoring the … Read more