Auto Insurance Toeing Coverage – The Americas Hankook Ilbo

A car is a machine. Therefore, an impossible situation can occur at any time due to some factors, such as an old model year or a problem with parts or systems. Imagine a situation like this. It’s not embarrassing if a car stops on a busy freeway on the way to work in the morning. … Read more

Goodbye punctures: Hankook presents its airless tire

One of the biggest inconveniences while driving a vehicle is having to change a flat tire. For the same reason, many were struck by Hankook’s proposal in the latest version of THOSE: The airless i-Flex concept tire. At the 2022 tech event, the company partnered with Hyundai to install four large modules to showcase this … Read more

Hankook Innovates Aqua Hydro Block to Prevent Slipping Tires

Dock. AUTOMOTIVE Illustration of a car skidding due to aquaplaning – Happens frequently car skidding when speeding in rainy conditions, where there are lots of puddles. The cause is mostly due to sudden loss of tire traction due to experiencing aquaplaning. According to Apriyanto Yuwono, National Sales Manager of Passenger Car Radial at PT … Read more