Hyunyoung Joo It would be nice to have a manager like this

[사진 : tvN ‘연예인 매니저로 살아남기’ 방송 캡처] Actor Joo Hyun-young is being reborn as a perfect manager. In the 7th and 8th episodes of tvN’s ‘Surviving as a Celebrity Manager’, which aired this week, the story of So Hyun-joo (played by Joo Hyun-young), who is gradually growing as a manager, was unfolded. At the … Read more

South Korea vs Ghana MBC 216… 1 in ratings for 9 days in a row

(Photo = MBC) MBC is continuing its march to No. 1 in viewer ratings for the 2022 Qatar World Cup. According to Nielsen Korea, an audience rating research institute on the 29th, MBC ranked first in the 2022 Qatar World Cup group stage match ‘Korea vs Ghana’, which aired on the 28th, recording a 21.6% … Read more

Manchester United takeover battle as hot as the World Cup | Hankyung.com

Interest in Manchester United (Man Utd), a British professional football club, which has been rumored to be sold, is growing. Following Apple, foreign media reported that the founder of Zara and Saudi Arabia would jump into the bid to take over Manchester United. The Daily Star, a British media outlet, reported on the 24th that … Read more

HK Video|Jeong Chae-yeon A maritime smile | Hankyung.com

Actress Jung Chae-yeon is having photo time by attending the launch commemorative photo wall event held at the ‘Ugg X Zeppetto FEEL HOUSE’ pop-up store in Seongsu-dong, Seoul on the afternoon of the 24th. ‘UGG X ZEPETO FEEL HOUSE’ is a pop-up store launched in Seongsu-dong Time Aftertime in collaboration with global lifestyle brand ‘UGG’ … Read more

Shocked by the fact that Jung Hye-young and Lee Seo-jin were having an affair X I knew Joo Hyun-young existed It was when Eun-gyeol was in my belly Surviving as a celebrity manager

‘Surviving as a celebrity manager’ (Photo=screen capture) ‘Surviving as a Celebrity Manager’ Jeong Hye-young found out that Lee Seo-jin was having an affair. In the tvN Monday/Tuesday drama ‘Surviving as a Celebrity Manager’, which aired on the afternoon of the 22nd, Song Eun-ha (Jung Hye-young) visited So Hyun-joo (Joo Hyun-young). On this day, Song Eun-ha … Read more

Oh Eun-young, miss and grieve your mom to your heart’s content. 4 siblings who lost their mother. Real advice to a single daddy. My baby is like gold.

‘My baby like gold’ (Photo=screen capture) Oh Eun-young gave comfort to a single dad who is raising four siblings who lost their mother. On Channel A’s ‘My Little Baby These Days,’ which aired on the 18th, the worries of a single dad raising four siblings alone were revealed. On this day, a single dad with … Read more

Comprehensive Kim Hee-jae Controversy over military service preferential treatment and violation of military law… Rebuttal under the control of the military band

Kim Hee-jae / Photo = Ten Asia DB Singer Kim Hee-jae is embroiled in controversy over preferential military service. On the 10th, suspicions were raised that Kim Hee-jae received special favors such as broadcasting activities and management contracts while serving in the military. On November 23, 2019, Kim Hee-jae signed a ‘broadcast entertainment activity’ contract … Read more

Do you know that this is the kind of thing Grandma Annoys at Choi Dae-hoon who recommends Kang Ha-neul’s genetic test? Curtain Call

‘Curtain Call’ (Photo = Broadcast screen capture) Kang Ha-neul is in danger of being caught by Choi Dae-hoon as a fake grandson. In the KBS 2TV Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Curtain Call’, which was broadcast on the afternoon of November 8, Yoo Jae-heon (Kang Ha-neul) had a drink with Park Se-gyu (Choi Dae-hoon). On this day, Park … Read more

Have you tried Mirju, which received the Presidential Award | Hankyung.com

– The Legend of Mir 2 20th Anniversary Special Collaboration Recently, the game industry is conducting various collaborations with the food industry. You can meet game characters in various foods such as triangle gimbap, cup noodles, energy drinks, bread, and chocolate cookies. Alcoholic beverages are no exception. As the age of game users increases, the … Read more

Lee Yong-gyu ♥ Yoo Hana and her two sons, showing off her legs in front of a mirror in a department store

Actress Yoo Hana shared her daily life. On the 4th, Yuhana wrote, “This winter, thanks to these slim stockings, I can confidently wear a skirt.” Along with this, a picture was also released. In the published photo, Hana Yoo was pictured. Yuhana is taking a selfie in front of her mirror wearing her black jacket, … Read more