Shared Holiday, Jakarta Odd Even Does Not Happen Today

Jakarta – Polda Metro Jaya delivered the system odd even (gage) in DKI Jakarta is not enforced today. This is because today is a day off with the Holy Day of Nyepi 2023. “The GAGE ​​(Odd-Even) policy for Thursday, March 23, 2023 will not be enforced,” wrote the TMC Polda Metro Jaya, on its Twitter … Read more

Those who consume moldy food, beware! Some say ‘nothing will happen’ and consume, but…

Today, many people do not prefer to eat moldy food. However, there are some people who consume it thinking that there will be no harm. Stating that metabolic products and fungal toxins, known as ‘mycotoxin’, are formed in foods and foodstuffs under certain conditions, experts warn that such foods can be toxic to both humans … Read more

What will happen to Zelensky’s apartment he owns in Crimea? There is a communal debt

Volodomir Zelenskyi Photo. Telegram/Screenshot. Scanpix/EPA/SERGEY DOLZHENKO Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky owns an apartment in Livadia (near Yalta) and now it will be given to a low-income family or a family with many children, Serhii Aksyonov, the “head” of the Crimean occupation administration of the Russian Federation, has announced. Most read PHOTO. Celebrities gather at the … Read more

Is there a risk of a new real estate bubble? Here’s what can happen

Chaos banking powered by the explosion of Svb in America and the avalanche that hit Credit Suisse hard in Europa it must not make us forget another fundamental issue for the international economy, the risk of one housing bubble. Real estate is an extremely complex sector in allowing the assessment of the state of health … Read more

49.3 by Elisabeth Borne, “we will not let it happen”. Demonstrations and degradations in Rennes

Elisabeth Borne announced on March 16 the use of 49.3 to pass the pension reform. Opponents of the measure have launched blocking actions since the start of the day. Traffic is disrupted following fires on the Rennes ring road. Demonstrations were followed by clashes and degradations in the evening. It is today Thursday, March 16 … Read more

What Would Happen If There Was an ‘Extra’ Planet Located Between Jupiter-Mars?

Jakarta – Systems that are in the solar system have their own balance. The planets in the solar system are in such a position that they work as they should. So, what happens if there is an ‘extra’ planet placed between Mars and Jupiter? Reported from detikEdu, University of California-Riverside astrophysicist Stephen Kane has tried … Read more

Repeated train delays: “Anything can happen to SNCB, except trains”, quotes Prévot

This week was marked by strike action in the various public service sectors; each sector requires more means and more personnel. This is particularly the case in the railway sector. Last month, no less than 4,700 trains were canceled in Belgium, i.e. one train in twenty. This is unheard of. A slap for the million … Read more

‘World Cup won’t happen if you just want it’ – Prime Volley CEO Joy Bhatacharya speaks | Malayalam News, Sports News | Manorama Online

Kochi ∙ “If any sport is well branded and brought to the people through television, it will have fans. This stadium itself is proof of that” – says Joy Bhattacharya, CEO of Prime Volleyball League, recalling the number of spectators who turned up for the Prime Volley final at the Kadavantra Indoor Stadium. Joy Bhattacharya, … Read more

Facebook goes back with a key change in the application: what will happen to Messenger

Meta follow the bumps Beyond that purchases of WhatsApp e Instagram for billions and billions of dollars in the long run and at first sight they were a success, with their emblematic brand the same is not the case. It’s been a long time since Facebook has been losing position. It happens that most of … Read more