Watch: A woman eats 34 sandwiches in 10 minutes..and this is what happened

Washington’s annual burger-eating competition champion Molly Schuller was not lucky enough to eat the sandwiches she swallowed last year, when she won the competition to set her own record of 35. The champion of the competition had to share the championship cup on Friday with the second-place winner last year, after they each ate 34 … Read more

What happened between the Lebanese and the Syrians in Bhamdoun? .. | sport

Lebanon and Syria Olympic teams tied 2-2 this afternoon, Saturday, in a friendly match that took place at Amin Abdel Nour Municipal Stadium in Bhamdoun, and its first half ended in favor of the Syrians. The match was accompanied by a member of the Executive Committee of the Lebanese Football Association, Chairman of the National … Read more

Belgium – Italy: did you see what happened just before Romelu Lukaku’s penalty?

Our striker had to show concentration before taking his penalty against Italy. Cn Friday night, Romelu Lukaku scored his first goal in a knockout game with the Red Devils. At the very end of the first half, he gave hope to the Belgians by scoring the 1-2 from the penalty spot. But it was no … Read more

Dramatic: Video Shows What Happened Before Miami Building Collapse

MIAMI, UNITED STATES.-New elements on the reasons for collapse of a building in Miami They come to light, this time a video of the moments before the collapse. In the clip taken by Adriana Sarmiento you can see how water falls from the roof of the building’s garage. Seconds later you can see pieces of … Read more

Woman gets the wrong vaccine in Tielen: “Wrong happened, but … (Lille)

Wechelderzande, Tielen – Priscilla Van Boven (33) from Wechelderzande (Lille) is worried because she received the wrong second vaccine at the vaccination center in Tielen (Kasterlee) on Wednesday. Instead of Pfizer, she was given AstraZeneca. But according to the doctor in charge, there is no medical danger and the woman will still receive her second … Read more

A player strips himself of his clothes.. this is what happened in the European Cup

Croatia midfielder Milan Badel decided to take off his clothes to thank the team’s fans who came to Copenhagen to attend the match against Spain, in the round of 16 matches in the European Football Championship. Although the 32-year-old has not played a minute in the tournament and has been on the bench throughout the … Read more

They capture Manuel Mijares in a wheelchair; this is what happened to him

After yesterday he was seen in forums of Televisa moving around in a wheelchair, the Hoy program interviewed Manuel Mijares, who spoke about why he is in recovery. According to the singer, he is in recovery after receiving a knee replacement: “They operated on me, but I’m fine, now they did put my knee prosthesis … Read more

A leaked recording of a definitive response from the singer… What happened to Sherine and her husband?

The past 24 hours witnessed widespread controversy on the artistic scene and on social media. About the Egyptian singer Sherine Abdel Wahab and her family, After leaking an audio recording attributed to her father-in-law, Hossam Habib. The alleged leak revealed that there was a burning crisis inside the artist’s house, with her husband planning to … Read more