Drug shortage in Italy: which medicines are the hardest to find?

Antipyretics, antibiotics, antipyretics and for the cardiovascular sphere: these would be the most difficult medicines to find at the moment, due to the pandemic and the war in Ukraine. “The international crisis has made everything more expensive and difficult to find: thus the supply chain risks losing out”, declared Marcello Cattani, president of Farmindustria, to … Read more

The hardest part is learning the names of the new teammates / Article

Balcers admitted that in his career the previous club Florida “Panthers” the decision to abandon him was unexpected. One day after coming to training, Rudolph heard the news that the club had placed him on the list of vulnerable players. Although Balceru quickly chose “Lightning”the move brought some inconvenience, which is not comparable to the … Read more

A 16-year-old man from Brussels recreated the STIB metro network on Minecraft: “The hardest station to make was Erasme”

A young 16-year-old YouTuber has recreated the entire STIB metro network in the famous Minecraft video game. And the Brussels public transport company appreciated the gesture, to the point of sharing its creation. Mickaël Ba, alias “DoctorGaffle” on YouTube, at 16 years old. He is currently studying rheto in Brussels. Like many players, he is … Read more

Shakira breaks her silence .. “I live the hardest and saddest moments of my life”

Colombian singer Shakira confirmed that she is in one of the “most difficult” and saddest moments of her life, while talking about her relationship with her ex-boyfriend, Gerard Pique, Barcelona player. In an interview with the Spanish magazine “El”, Shakira said that Pique, with whom she had two children, “wanted to play football and win … Read more

Mauricas: we are in an unenviable situation, the energy crisis will hit Lithuania the hardest

“The Lithuanian economy managed to withstand the initial shock caused by the Russian military invasion of Ukraine better than expected. However, when autumn came, Lithuania’s economic roof began to crumble, and the growing headwinds will push the economy into recession. The main drags on growth are the energy crisis caused by Russia’s energy war against … Read more

Priscilla Presley Reveals the Scenes She Had the Hardest Time Watching in ‘Elvis’

It brings back “a lot of memories”, and not always very good ones. On the Today show, whose The Wrap reports excerpts, Priscilla Presley evoked the emotion procured by the film Elvisof Baz Luhrmann. She also returned to the very tense relationship between the King and his impresario. Their disagreement centered on the choice of … Read more

Someone has already completed the “hardest in the world of video games” challenge

Image: Bungie / IGDB They Said It Was Impossible And For Nearly Two Decades This Is Just What It Seemed. but this weeka streamer named Jervalin beat the “LASO deathless” challenge from Halo 2 and he won 20,000 dollars for his feat. let’s rewind a little. Earlier this summer, the YouTuber Charles “Cr1tikal” White he … Read more

Lewandowski: The move to Barcelona was the hardest decision in my life. My time at Bayern should not have a shadow – yqqlm

Original title: Lewandowski: Transfer to Barcelona is the hardest decision in my life. My days at Bayern should not have a shadow Lewandowski: Moving to Barcelona is the hardest decision of my life Live it on July 18th. In an interview with Bild, Lewandowski talked about joining Barcelona from Bayern. He said that this was … Read more