This was the Steam gamer’s PC in July 2021: Intel CPU, NVIDIA GPU and 16 GB of RAM

While still preparing thousands of Steam Deck units that the players have already reserved to have in their homes this Christmas or during the first months of 2022, Valve does not neglect the rest of its tasks and follow testing new features for Steam just as the usual one brings us hardware and software survey … Read more

Nintendo Switch OLED: Hands-on with the long overdue update – gaming hardware

If you activate the screen of the Nintendo Switch OLED, you are blinded for a moment. Radiant colors and a clarity that was previously lacking on the console quickly draw a smile on the gamer’s face. Yes, the new Switch OLED is a clear improvement over its predecessor due to some innovations. The first personal … Read more

Change the name to a new machine? The hardware material is enough!Xiaomi POCO X3 GT hands-on evaluation-page 1-Xiaomi discussion forum

Editor’s note: POCO recently launched two new machines in Hong Kong X3 GT and M3 Pro 5GAlthough POCO X3 GT Taiwan has no plans to introduce it, POCO M3 Pro 5G will be available in August. and”ePrice Hong Kong》The POCO X3 GT has also been tested on a real machine recently. The full text is … Read more

BOE’s top gaming display debuts in CJ: 1ms response, 480Hz ultra-high refresh-Hardware-cnBeta.COM

On July 30, CJ2021, BOE’s 480Hz ultra-high refresh rate and other professional gaming display products debuted for the first time. In the current market,144Hz and 165Hz are the mainstream screen display refresh rates, while the gaming display screen refresh rate launched by BOE can reach up to 480Hz, and the 1ms extremely fast response time … Read more

F generation introduces three CHERRY MX keyboards from Germany CHERRY to quickly open the box-HKEPC Hardware

Hong Kong CHERRY launches three new gaming keyboards The German keyboard manufacturer brand CHERRY has officially entered the Hong Kong market. This time Hong Kong CHERRY sent three new gaming keyboards, namely CHERRY MX 2.0S, CHERRY MX BOARD 3.0 S and CHERRY MX 10.0, all three gaming keyboards It is designed in Germany and adopts … Read more

DirectStorage still coming to Windows 10 | News

We have sent you an email! Go to your inbox to verify your email address and complete your registration. Oops… something went wrong. Our team has received a message and is addressing the issue. Please try again at a later time. This token is no longer valid. If you just created an account, try logging … Read more

different this time? Valve’s Hardware History Through the Steam Deck

On July 16th, Valve announced the portable gaming hardware ‘Steam Deck’. It is scheduled to be released in December in the US, Canada, UK and EU countries. Valve has been steadily pouring its efforts into the hardware market. To be precise, I tried a lot to make valve’s own hardware. for teeth After recruiting a … Read more

Apple Germany is “confusing” the 16-inch M1 MacBook Pro

By chance, an interesting reference to an M1 chip variant of the 16-inch MacBook Pro was discovered. The German Apple website lists the professional device with the note “now with the new Apple M1 chip” – but this variant does not (yet) exist. Just recently there was an interesting insider report according to which Apple … Read more

Success! NASA switches beloved Hubble telescope to backup hardware

The space telescope is likely to be fully operational again later this week. The scientific work has now been halted for a month. In mid-June, the space telescope suddenly stopped working, causing all observations to be unexpectedly suspended. NASA spent the following weeks trying to figure out exactly what was wrong. Earlier this week a … Read more

Lenovo blocks H.264 hardware codec in its gaming laptops without warning

Internet sources report that many Lenovo laptop owners complain that their laptops have unexpectedly lost an important function that directly affects their operation. Moreover, the manufacturer himself did not notify about this. Here and below Lenovo images We are talking about blocking the hardware H.264 codec, which is used by NVIDIA graphics accelerators in laptops … Read more