King Charles III is not Prince Harry’s biological father? These rumors are loud again, all because of one photo – Super Express

King Charles III is not Prince Harry’s biological father? These rumors are loud again, all because of one photo These rumors about Prince Harry have been circulating since the moment he was born. Is King Charles the real father of his younger son? Or maybe one of Princess Diana’s lovers fathered the red-haired Harry? JJames … Read more

She knew Harry’s environment very well before they dated

Lies always have short legs, dear Meghan! So far, Meghan Markle (41) has never tired of claiming that she had no idea about royals before she met Prince Harry (38). According to the “Daily Mail”, Meghan made friends with a reality star who had connections to Duchess Kate’s (41) little sister Pippa Middleton (39). And … Read more

Despite the differences with the royal family, Harry’s daughter becomes a “princess”

The title “Princess” was used to refer to Lilibet for the first time Friday in an official statement issued by her parents’ spokesperson on the occasion of her baptism Published in: Mar 09, 2023: 12:35 PM GST Last updated: March 09, 2023: 01:20 PM GST The first public use of its kind, on Friday, of … Read more

Britain’s Prince Harry’s eldest daughter, Lilibet, is christened and publicly uses the title of ‘princess’ –

Britain’s Prince Harry and his wife Lilibet, June 2022. Misan Harriman/Prince Harry and Meghan, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex/Reuters 2023.03.09 Thu posted at 09:23 JST (CNN) The christening of Lilibet, the eldest daughter of Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle, has been confirmed. A spokesperson for the couple announced on the 8th. A … Read more

What evil Camilla Parker did with Prince Harry’s prized place | Critical Voices – Salta

Wednesday, January 25, 2023 On January 10, the book of the Prince Harry “The shadow”. There he tells many details of his life with members of the royal family who did not know each other and especially an anecdote with Camilla Parker and what he did to him in his adolescence that bothered the young … Read more

A famous British announcer rips Harry’s book and eats its pages!

Days have passed, and the angry echoes that accompanied the publication and distribution of Prince Harry’s book “Spare” are still expanding and spreading. The scandalous notes caused a stir around the world. The book was widely spread and many libraries were crowded to buy the book. Despite the huge sales, the book caused a great … Read more

Prince Harry’s biography: insight into his psyche

She was eagerly awaited and showered with malice. The autobiography provides profound insights into the psychological drama that is taking place with Prince Harry. Prince Harry at the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II in September 2022. Justin Setterfield / Reuters The opinions on Prince Harry’s opus “Spare” were made quickly: Harry, the whiner. But the … Read more

“William-Kate” out for the first time After the release of Prince Harry’s memoirs

The BBC news agency reported that on January 12, 2023, Prince William of Wales Crown Prince of England along with his wife Princess Kate of Wales Her Royal Highness visited the Royal Liverpool University Hospital in Liverpool. to formally open the hospital and meet with the medical personnel of the hospital visited the critically ill … Read more